#namaskar – #yoga anyone can do – a video from @SadhguruJV

I have written about Sadhguru before. He is a teacher. He helps people along a spiritual path to living more consciously.

So much of the way we live is outwardly focused. Sadhguru is helping people go inward with yogic practices.

The video above is about one such practice: Namaskar. Sadhguru says that by simply folding your hands together you may unfold your being and that focusing your attention with love on something or someone for just three minutes a day can lead to harmony. 

ISHA foundation - Sadhguru - savour it all blog - Karen Anderson
Lotus flowers at ISHA foundation, Coimbatore – photo credit – Karen Anderson

Many people are familiar with the greeting Namaste (nah-mah-stay). It means that you bow to the light of the divine that lies within another human; in particular – the one you are greeting.

Namaskar is something higher. The way it has been explained to me is that when you say it, your intent is to open the shape you are currently taking to merge with another. It is a way of saying that you understand we are really all one being – one energy.

Namaskar as a yoga practice is something again. By sitting with your palms pressed together and simultaneously focusing on someone or something – with the highest most positive emotion you can generate – you may begin to realize the lack of separation between us all at another level.

Yoga means union. Perhaps Namaskar is the fast lane for the unfolding of your being into all being.

It’s one thing to think about that intellectually. It’s quite another thing to encounter it in a human being in real time.

When you meet an enlightened human being like Sadhguru, you become aware that to use your life to physically manifest the realization that we are all one, is the highest level of being.

I must go now. My yoga mat is calling. Thank you Sadhguru for your teaching, love and blessings. Namaskar Guruji. Namaskar every ONE.

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