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Savouring the flavours of late summer with a Zesty Potato Salad

potato salad fixings

I usually only make potato salad when it practically makes itself. By that I mean, I open the fridge door and there’s a few leftover boiled potatoes and peas staring me in the face. Cue the lightbulb over my head. From there it’s easy to boil and peel a few eggs and rummage around the fridge or garden for some fresh radish, onions and herbs.

I hope you enjoy this easy recipe. As summer wanes, we’ll be eating more and more root vegetables but the ones featured here are still kissed by the garden freshness of their companion ingredients.

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Garden Greens with an Alberta Vinaigrette – from Food Artisans of Alberta

Murietta's Mountain Grill (we get a private room facing the mountains) goat cheese fritters or charcuterie board and wine tasting
Garden Greens with an Alberta Vinaigrette
from Food Artisans of Alberta: Your Trail Guide to the Best of our Locally Crafted Fare
by Karen Anderson and Matilde Sanchez-Turri

So often in Canada, we use imported ingredients for our daily cooking. This recipe takes a different approach. It uses a classic, imported French technique for a vinaigrette and and highlights some of Alberta’s signature ingredients to make our local – over global – flavours shine.

Now that the greens are flourishing in the garden, it seemed the perfect time to share and celebrate both this recipe AND the fact that Food Artisans of Alberta: Your Trail Guide to the Best of Our Locally Crafted Fare just turned one year old.

It’s been a great year with the book receiving the World Gourmand Cookbook Award for best Culinary/Food Travel writing (Canada). It was also recently short-listed for a Taste Canada award for Best Culinary Narrative.

I hope you’ll dig in your garden or farmers’ market for ingredients, dig into this dish and then dig into our book for more recipes and inspiration to explore Alberta, one food artisan at a time. The recipe follows.

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#Salad #Recipes for my January @AlbertaatNoon food column and to help you eat more fruit and vegetables – always a good resolution

Alberta produce

Here you’ll find 2 new recipes I developed for my Alberta at Noon food column for CBC Radio One. I hope they’ll inspire you to eat more fruits and vegetables. The current recommendations are 5 – 9 servings each day or about 4.5 cups. Are you getting enough? Are you getting any? (nudge, nudge – wink, wink)

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