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It’s the simple things – like this Salmon Quiche

salmon quiche recipe
Mom’s Salmon Quiche

I’m home in New Brunswick for a family wedding this weekend. That’s a big deal and there’s lots to celebrate as weddings are the best way for family’s to reunite. Still, as great as that is, it’s not the big things that get me excited about being home. It’s always the simple things.

Like this quiche, for example. It’s simple, it’s real and it’s easy. It’s the kind of recipe that my Mom pulls out of an old cookbook or drawer filled with a hundred other recipes on loose bits of paper. She pulls a homemade pie crust lined pan from the freezer because she can! (You can too – just check out the pie-making lessons with my Mom here and here.) And, then she throws the few ingredients together and pops it in the oven while I make a salad. We sit and have a cup of tea and before we know it, time together has flown and we are eating this lovely lunch.

The recipe follows. I hope you make it and eat it with your Mom. If you are lucky enough to still have her, savour every minute with her. I sure do.

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2 #recipes for No Knead Bread – my @AlbertaatNoon column for May

No Knead Bread is not new. It became famous when Mark Bittman wrote a New York Times article about it a decade ago in 2006. I’m going to talk about the recent comeback of bread’s popularity and the rise of sourdough breads in this post “wheat belly” era for my CBC Alberta at Noon column tomorrow. But, after researching sourdough I know the art of working with this living breathing organism will not be for everyone so that’s why I’m posting two simple No Knead Bread recipes here. Give the dough lots of time to rise and the yeast will have time to begin digesting the sugar and proteins in the flour for you.

No Knead Breads are definitely something anyone can do and most importantly – enjoy! Continue reading

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#CookingWithKids – an easy #recipe for Polenta Lasagna

polenta lasagna recipe - photo credit - Karen Anderson

Polenta Lasagna – photo credit – Karen Anderson

This month on CBC Radio One’s Alberta at Noon I’ll be talking about the importance of cooking skills for children. I believe cooking is a basic life skill that determines how healthy an individual and in turn a family will be.

A lack of ability to cook from scratch leads to a life dependent on processed foods. Processed foods are more likely to contain excess salt, sugar and food additives and a diet filled with processed foods is more likely to cause obesity.

Harvard University says the health consequences of obesity include heart disease, diabetes, stroke, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, asthma, some cancers, susceptibility to depression due to discrimination and the emotional impact of that. Thirty per cent of youth are now obese.

We are three generations since the norm was a stay at home homemaker and cook for each family. Many parents (let alone their children) lack cooking skills beyond reheating, microwaving and combining packaged foods. Women in the 1960s were told cooking was a chore and they needed to be emancipated from the kitchen. Women did go out to work but instead of “freedom” they now work outside the home and still do the majority of household work as well. Equal partnerships are slow to evolve. Reframing cooking as a family activity and a creative way to nurture, care and ensure health for ourselves and our children could go a long way to correcting our society’s obesity epidemic.

I developed the Polenta lasagna recipe in this post to act as a cooking skills bridge from reliance on highly processed packaged food to cooking with healthier choices. The result is a fun assembly of quality ingredients with delicious results. Older children can make it on their own. Parents and younger children can make this together. Continue reading


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A French Food Fad for 2015 – Mug Cakes

little mug cakes cookbooks were everywhere in Paris - photo - Karen Anderson

little mug cakes cookbooks were everywhere in Paris – photo – Karen Anderson

I don’t think Mug Cakes are new. I’ve found blog posts dating back five years with oodles of recipes for them but they seem to have taken Paris by a chocolate brown cocoa powder storm this year. Everywhere I looked little cookbooks were devoted to them. At Le Grand Epicerie de Paris you could even buy a mug fully loaded with the ingredients for the mere price (I jest) of 13.50 Euros.

This post has a recipe I developed for a deliciously ooey-gooey Chocolat-ey Chocolate Mug Cake. It’s easy and fun and ANYONE can make it. I hope you will. Let me know how it turns out for you.

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