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Hermione – our sweet sourdough starter

It all began when I posted this photo on Instagram. Kind people wanted the recipe. Only to make these, you need a specific sourdough. So I’ve spent the last 5 days testing a starter recipe. Now I’m pleased to introduce you to: Hermione – our sweet sourdough starter.

I did not say my sweet sourdough starter because that would miss the point of having a starter. The point of having a starter is to share it. So, this will be our starter.

This post will share what a starter is, a brief history of sourdough and how SWEET sourdoughs came to being – as near as I can tell. Then, I’ll walk you through starting your own Hermione as well as her care and feeding.

Five days from now, when your starter is ready, I’ll post the recipe for one of my favourite Hermione Sweet Sourdough recipes – these cinnamon rolls. The next 10 posts will be dedicated to recipes from Hermione. Read on to find out how she got her name and stay tuned for those recipes.

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#Bread is on the Rise – My CBC @AlbertaatNoon food column podcast

sourdough bread by Aviv Fried at Sidewalk Citizen bakery in Calgary - photo credit - Karen Anderson

Fresh bread from Aviv Fried’s Sidewalk Citizen Bakery is made with local flour from Highwood Crossing Organic Farms and Grainworks – photo credit – Karen Anderson

Here’s my CBC Alberta at Noon Column “Bread is on the Rise” on the return of sourdough to our culture. I’m on at the 12:06 mark with host Donna McElligott. You’ll find the recipe for making your own sourdough here and recipes for No Knead Bread here.

The most popular post on this blog is actually about bread.

I captured an old Swedish family recipe of my husband’s Anderson family for Halvtjock Kakor. It’s been really wonderful to watch how many people have found it useful and how many have taken a moment to comment on it. Rightly so, it’s very tasty business and has helped my family savour it all at our get-togethers for many years now. Mmmm – nothing like bread straight from the oven. Somebody please pass the butter.




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A #recipe for my Best Bran Muffins

Best Bran Muffins

honey date bran muffin - photo credit - Karen Anderson

Best Bran Muffins – photo credit – Karen Anderson

This is a recipe I’ve been testing for years. I’ve varied many aspects and have tried butter, coconut oil, agave nectar, cane sugar, no spicing, spicing, different flours and fruits but I’ve finally decided that this is my best bran muffin. I hope you enjoy the recipe that follows. A cup of tea and a good muffin in the morning is a great way to savour it all. Continue reading

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Christmas (baking) in November – My Alberta at Noon column with recipes from CraveYYC & A Spicy Touch

Thumbprint Cookies by Crave - photo - Karen Anderson

Thumbprint Cookies by Crave – photo – Karen Anderson

This summer I had the very pleasant task of writing a Christmas piece for Calgary’s Avenue Magazine on “How-To Entertain with Ease at the Holidays”. That piece will be in the upcoming December holiday issue. I loved writing it – even in the heat of summer – because it got me thinking about things that make a difference to an “ideal holiday experience” versus a harried and hurried one that leaves people frazzled, stressed and grumpier than Scrooge himself.

My holiday ideal is time to enjoy my family and friends. That means time to go skating or skiing or to just sit and watch movies or play board games together. At the same time, I like to share delicious festive food and treats with everyone and have my home look beautiful. To make it all happen, I’ve scaled back on the decorating, I make lots of “to do” lists, I buy some of the treats we enjoy and I have a plan for the cooking I really like doing myself.

The key to success is to start early.

So even though we haven’t even had our Remembrance Day holiday, like all my professional baker friends, I will start making batches of my signature Holiday Biscotti now. My mother-in-law is making Nanaimo Bars. My friend Annie is making her shortbreads (I’m going to share her recipe soon).

For you, I’ve gathered three great recipes of various levels of difficulty to help you should you choose to start now too.

Read on for Crave’s Thumbprint Cookie recipe, a Peanut Brittle recipe from my mentor Noorbanu Nimji and our new book A Spicy Touch – Family Favourites from Noorbanu Nimji’s Kitchen and last but not least – an easy Coconut Cashew Ginger Bar that’s fun to make.

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An #Apricot Awakening – thanks to my friend Gail Norton of @cookbookcooks

Inspiration  photo - Karen Anderson

photo – Karen Anderson

I don’t know how it came up. I think I asked my friend Gail Norton for a new recipe for a summer dessert. I was bored with my usual repertoire.

Apricots, she said.

Make a Tatin. I’ll send you a recipe.

She did and that’s where this story starts.

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Oat buns

Freshly harvested organic barley field at Highwood Crossing Farm photo - Karen Anderson
Freshly harvested organic barley field at Highwood Crossing Farm
photo – Karen Anderson

I’m so happy to share a recipe for Highwood Crossing Farm‘s Oat Buns. Tony Marshall’s family homesteaded Highwood Crossing 120 years ago. Now, Tony and his wife Penny have made the name synonymous with quality since starting their eponymous organic food company.

This post will talk about the Highwood Crossing’s organic grain farm, the products they produce and what’s involved in that process. Keep reading for the Oat Bun recipe and a bonus recipe for Penny Marshall’s delectable Steel Cut Oat Shortbread Cookies too.

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