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Vintage Pistachio Squares

A friend tells me that anything that’s about 50 years old is vintage. This recipe definitely qualifies. So do I, come to think of it. Vintage or not, these Pistachio Squares were definitely in need of an update. 

About 50 years ago, they were a favourite dessert to serve at bridal and baby showers. There were versions with crushed pineapple or several colours of Jello was well. Does this ring a bell? This was also the era when my Mother and her friends thought edible petroleum-based whip cream products (I won’t mention any brands but I think you know what I’m talking about) were a “Godsend.”

I’ve brought this recipe into the new millennium by using real organic whip cream and by bulking up the pistachio nut content. What I did not change was the use of JELLO instant pistachio pudding because, I like it.

This Vintage Pistachio Squares recipe makes me nostalgic for a time when we’d sit in our pyjamas at the top of the stairs waiting for “the ladies” to leave their social gathering. Then we’d sneak down to the kitchen and have a slice of this yumminess before going to bed. We prayed they wouldn’t savour it all.  But, I hope you do.

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A Collection of Holiday Feasting Recipes – Chapter 2 of 7 – Favourite Desserts

up to Italy 2012 235

This chapter could also be called – Dessert Me and Make it Delicious.

There are so many calories floating around over the holidays, it pays to be wise and choose your dessert indulgences carefully. The recipes included here fit that criteria. They are definitely delicious and oh so worth the splurge.

Note: These recipes are part of my holiday recipe collection. They are tastes my family loves, and I’ve made every attempt to give proper credit to the creators. Continue reading


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