Hermione Sweet Sourdough Date Loaf

You start this Hermione Sweet Sourdough Date Loaf the evening before you want to eat it. By letting flour, evaporated milk and a bit of starter rise overnight, you end up with an unusual texture in the finished product. It’s quite different than any other quick bread. It’s got more substance. Maybe it’s the wee […]


Hermione Sweet Sourdough Biscuits

My sister reminded me that our family also called these Hermione Sweet Sourdough Biscuits as “Monster Muffins”. We loved the fact that Mom had a “monstrous” glob of starter that she had to feed in the back of our fridge.  She also reminded me that while the recipe calls for rolling out the biscuits, Mom […]


Hermione Sweet Sourdough Banana Bread

This Hermione Sweet Sourdough Banana Bread is loaded with pecans and sweetened with honey. The honey gives it its golden glow. The sourdough gives the bread a lift in texture and in size. And, those whole pecan halves? They elevate the recipe from just another banana bread to your new favourite banana bread. Read on […]