A warm hello to you. Thank you for stopping by. I welcome your presence.

I love to write and am interested in a wide variety of things. This blog is where I share what helps me savour each and everyday I get to be alive on this planet.

Along with the joy, I also write about grief and everything in between because I’ve been around long enough to know that no matter what life serves up, we can still…savour it all ™.

Please share a comment about what helps you savour it all ™ and please drop by my other projects to see what else enriches my daily life.

I am founder, owner, president and CEO of Alberta Food Tours, Inc with four sister city locations in Alberta, Canada.

I am an IPPY and Taste Canada award-winning cookbook co-author for A Spicy Touch.

I am co-author of Food Artisans of Alberta.

I am also working on a South Indian cookbook on a blog called Faces Places and Plates.

With kindness and appreciation,



10 responses to “about

  1. caryn

    I wouldlove a recommendation for a cooking class while in Paris with my 17 year old daughter who would you suggest ?? We will be there 6/26-7/2- would love any suggestions you might have.

    Caryn Effron


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  4. When can you visit the farm? Come on out to Grow Calgary!


  5. Joyce

    My friend, Taryn Boyd, from Victoria spoke of you and I promptly ordered your cookbook “A Spicy Touch” and signed up for your blog and Instagram. I visited India in 1996 and really want to go again. Your food trip to India sounds amazing. Could I please add my name to the next trip? I hope there is another trip planned for 2019.
    Joyce Locht
    Vancouver, BC


    • Hi Joyce,
      This is awesome news. I don’t have a trip planned for 2019 but I will go again in a few years and I will definitely keep you posted. I sure appreciate your support and hope you enjoy A Spicy Touch. Do also follow facesplacesandplates.com That’s a new blog I’m writing about all my adventures in South India. I am hopeful it will be a South Indian cookbook one day!
      Cheers and let’s stay in touch.


  6. I love the happy, open, colorful look of your blog, Karen. I can’t wait to learn new things about food from you -beth


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