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My name is Karen Anderson and I love to write. This blog is where I share what helps me savour each and everyday of life. Along with the joy, I also write about grief and everything in between, especially food and recipes,  because I’ve been around long enough to know that no matter what life serves up, we can…savour it all ™.

Please share a comment about what helps you savour it all ™ and please drop by my other projects to see what else enriches my daily life.

An entrepreneur’s life

I am founder, owner, president and CEO of Alberta Food Tours, Inc with four sister city locations in Alberta, Canada. That keeps me pretty busy but I find my passion for writing is highly complimentary so I’ve also managed a few books projects along with this blog:

A Spicy Touch – This book I wrote with my great mentor, Noorbanu Nimji. It won both IPPY and Taste Canada awards. Happily, in 2020, the wonderful people at Touchwood Editions Publishing bought the rights and are releasing the second edition.

Food Artisans of Alberta – This book won a Gourmand World Cookbook Award for Best Culinary/Travel writing – Canada. I co-authored it with my great friend Matilde Sanchez-Turri. I was the greatest food adventure exploring tens of thousands of kilometres in my home province.

Faces Places and Plates – This is a work in progress with my wonderful photographer collaborator Pauli-Ann Carriere. If you like Indian food, please follow along as we build this food/travel/cookbook featuring South India.

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  1. caryn

    I wouldlove a recommendation for a cooking class while in Paris with my 17 year old daughter who would you suggest ?? We will be there 6/26-7/2- would love any suggestions you might have.

    Caryn Effron

  2. Joyce

    My friend, Taryn Boyd, from Victoria spoke of you and I promptly ordered your cookbook “A Spicy Touch” and signed up for your blog and Instagram. I visited India in 1996 and really want to go again. Your food trip to India sounds amazing. Could I please add my name to the next trip? I hope there is another trip planned for 2019.
    Joyce Locht
    Vancouver, BC

    1. Karen Anderson

      Hi Joyce,
      This is awesome news. I don’t have a trip planned for 2019 but I will go again in a few years and I will definitely keep you posted. I sure appreciate your support and hope you enjoy A Spicy Touch. Do also follow facesplacesandplates.com That’s a new blog I’m writing about all my adventures in South India. I am hopeful it will be a South Indian cookbook one day!
      Cheers and let’s stay in touch.

  3. Winnie

    I found your blog when I did google works for my Newfoundland trip and what you shared was amazing!Quite helpful travelling tips and the stories behind are intersting. Thanks for sharing.

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