Springtime in #Paris – are you going? here’s three ideas to enhance your trip

If I were going to Paris right now there would be three things I’d be checking into.

I’d call Lisa Burros-Hutchins at Your Paris Experience and get her current recommendations on fun things to do. I’d take advantage of her ability to make great connections and bookings for me. She’s a concierge extraordinaire and I’ll be eternally grateful to her for some of the ideas she shared with me when I was booking a dream vacation that involved taking my 12-year-old son to Paris for the first time. She took us from great to un-paralleled.

I’d also be booking into one of the new tours that Marion Willard and Aurelie Mahadou are offering at Succulent Paris. My sister and I spent one of the best days of my life with them on our special girl’s trip a few years ago.

And I’d be buying this new GO-Card from Girls Guide to Paris. The video above tells you all about it. It’s tres chic.

Tour Eiffel photo - Karen Anderson
Tour Eiffel
photo – Karen Anderson

The GO-card includes discounts and special deals that owner Doni Belau and her associates have spent years developing including the following (as noted on their website):

hotels (from 2-5 star in Paris and throughout France)
tours in France
cooking classes
language courses
a free magazine subscription and a set of out best walking tours (over a $30 value!)
discounts at restaurants, bars and spas
gifts with purchase or reductions at department stores, boutiques and on-line shops
ground transportation
rental cars
mobile phone services

You can download the whole kit and caboodle for your iPad.

It’s Spring and if we were playing word association games I’d always say Paris if someone said Spring. I’m missing Paris and it may be a few years before I squeeze in my next visit. Because I’m feeling nostalgic I’m going to spend some time posting some of the articles on Paris that I’ve published. The always fantastic City of Lights is a favourite food and travel writing muse.

I’ll hope you’ll stay tuned for those posts. Even if we can’t make it to Paris this Spring, the magic of words and photos can help us feel a little closer to that dream and good dreams and memories shared always help us savour it all.

Here’s a soundtrack with Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong singing April in Paris just to get you in the mood for a walk down memory lane.

a la prochaine!

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