Savour food Savour life – designer Geoff Lilge of @onourtable features his favourite designs from MY kitchen – Sooo fun!

What's on my table  - as chosen by designer Geoff Lilge of @OnourTable

What’s on my table – as chosen by designer Geoff Lilge of @OnourTable

Thanks to my friends Cindy Lazarenko and Geoff Lilge for featuring me and my favourite kitchen items on their beautiful @Onourtable design blog. You can read that post here.

I care for great design. It makes our lives so much better. I had fun writing for On Our Table. It was a thought-provoking exercise and a rare opportunity to think about the things I’ve surrounded myself with. Beyond these creature comforts there’s one thing I care more than anything and that’s friendship.

Friendship could be life’s greatest design. I don’t know if its form follows its function. I don’t get to see my friends Lazarenko and Lilge much. I see them when their work brings them to Calgary so yes, I guess the form in which our friendship develops follows a function. We tweet, message, email and call. Those are other forms that allow our friendship to function. It doesn’t matter. Each friendship is unique in its design; like the snow flakes that fall from a dark night sky, each is uniquely created to land softly where it will.

I love each of my friendship’s intricate designs. I love the ability of friendship to withstand the high and low seasons of life’s continuum. I love the joy friendship breathes into our short time of being here on earth.

I count myself incredibly blessed to have these dear and talented friends. Cindy and Geoff, talented cook and designer, and dear kindred spirits, you help me savour my food and savour my life. Thank you.

My darling friend - chef Cindy Lazarenko of On Our Table

My darling friend – chef Cindy Lazarenko of On Our Table

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