Savour food Savour life – Growing a Food Forest

Rob Avis explains how his front lawn became a "Food Forest"
Rob Avis explains how his front lawn became a “Food Forest”
Rob & Michelle Avis's backyard "lasagna" layered garden
Rob & Michelle Avis’s backyard “lasagna” layered garden

Growing a Food Forest.

Amen for the writing of Jacquie Moore in The Calgary Herald’s Swerve Magazine today (click on the link above). I hope you will take a few moments to read her exemplary piece on the growing (pun intended – groan if you must) permaculture movement. If you look through some of my recent posts you’ll see I’ve been writing a bit about it myself and that I talked about it in my last CBC Radio One Alberta @ Noon column.

Permaculture is one of the most exciting solution-oriented ideas/philosophies/systems/lifestyles I’ve ever come across. I love it because it encourages humanity to live with respect for our selves, our communities, our food and our dear planet.

I currently live in a home with a lawn out in front and mostly raised beds for flowers and food in the back. I have fruit bushes – black currants, strawberries, Saskatoons, and raspberries, some vegetables – asparagus, zucchini, tomatoes, a few beans and peas and tons of herbs. I look at the garden I helped design eight years ago and think of how differently I would do it now. There would be so many prairie hardy fruit trees that it would feel like Eden each harvest season.

Articles like Moore’s, teach me what I really want. I want to move back to the inner city, have the Avis’s design a home and garden for me, tuck myself in and grow, grow, grow – on every level and in every way. I know this dream is a few years away from being possible. I’ll use that time to educate and prepare myself and my family.

Permaculture is a part of my future. I’m going to one of the workshops with Joel Salatin next week. You can still register to attend or to stream it live via internet from wherever you are. I’m also going to learn a great deal about beekeeping this year. I’ll write more about that later.

When I think about it, permaculture fits perfectly with my goals of savouring a balance between my love of food and life. Of course, that’s just me. Please know that I’m always happy to hear how you savour your food and savour your life.

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