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Savour food Savour life – Growing a Food Forest

Rob Avis explains how his front lawn became a "Food Forest"

Rob Avis explains how his front lawn became a “Food Forest”

Rob & Michelle Avis's backyard "lasagna" layered garden

Rob & Michelle Avis’s backyard “lasagna” layered garden

Growing a Food Forest.

Amen for the writing of Jacquie Moore in The Calgary Herald’s Swerve Magazine today (click on the link above). I hope you will take a few moments to read her exemplary piece on the growing (pun intended – groan if you must) permaculture movement. If you look through some of my recent posts you’ll see I’ve been writing a bit about it myself and that I talked about it in my last CBC Radio One Alberta @ Noon column.

Permaculture is one of the most exciting solution-oriented ideas/philosophies/systems/lifestyles I’ve ever come across. I love it because it encourages humanity to live with respect for our selves, our communities, our food and our dear planet.

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