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National Lobster Day is coming

Lobster Salad - angle view

National Lobster Day is coming! It’s Wednesday, September 23. To celebrate, my friend Michael-Ann Rowe (aka The Fishionista), seafood educator and fellow Maritimer expat, is hosting a fun ZOOM event to inspire lobster lovers everywhere. This is Cool Thing No. 57 on this blog.

REGISTER to join this FREE class. It will be at 4:30 p.m. MDT, Wednesday, September 23.

You’ll learn how to use every part of the lobster. Famous Maine lobster researcher Dr. Bob Bayer will share little known lobster facts. And, you’ll see chef Paul Templeton create some tempting snacks with Newfoundland Lobster from his famous food truck in Quidi Vidi, Newfoundland.

What to expect:

“Dr. Bob” will take the class into his lab to show you things you never knew about lobster. He’ll talk about the lobster lifecycle, lobster sex, new shell vs. hard shell and lobster seasons in Maine and Canada. You’ll learn how-to buy, cook and store lobster and get new recipe ideas from Chef Paul Templeton, and Michael-Ann Rowe.

AND! If watching chef Paul and Michael-Ann make lobster treats without being able to taste them is torture for you (like it is for me) you can order lobster from Newfoundland Lobster here. Then, you can truly join in the joy of National Lobster Day.

I’ll finish with some photos of some of the great lobster dishes I’ve enjoyed over the years. I hope they inspire you to participate.

Note: No remuneration was received for this post. Michael-Ann is a dear friend. I love lobster. I’m just happy to spread the word.


  1. michael-ann

    OMG! All of those pictures are making me so hungry! Thank you for sharing Karen! I can’t wait to celebrate with you all on in support of our cross-border Lobster industry, Newfoundland Lobsters, and of course, National Lobster Day next week! M-A

    1. Karen Anderson

      I try to eat lobster every day when I’m on the east coast Michael-Ann. Truly looking forward to nerding out with you, Dr. Bob and Chef! See you Wednesday (kinda, sorta in a Zoom-way!). Live long and lobstah! K

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