Wonderland statue by Jaume Plensa

36 hours in Calgary, Alberta – The New York Times updates the world on Calgary’s culture

Calgary Peace Bridge
Calgary Peace Bridge by Santiago Calatrava – photo courtesy of Tourism Calgary

Gratitude going out to writer Elaine Glusac for her recent article – 36 hours in Calgary, Alberta – The New York Times updating the world on Calgary’s Culture. It was published on January 25, 2019 and this fair city made the list of Top 52 places to visit in the world.

It was quite a thrill when I read the piece and saw my name mentioned. I’ve socked that away under the category, “things I never imagined could happen.” But the main point of me sharing Glusac’s piece is I hope you’ll read it and either get out and explore your own city or if you live elsewhere, you’ll be inspired to travel and spend some time here.

Here’s a few of my favourite photos of this vibrant place to build the intrigue.


  1. Anne Maxwell

    I saw this article Karen and was so happy to see something positive written about Calgary and thrilled that you were mentioned!

    Well done.



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