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Dana Vanveller and Lindsay Anderson - authors of FEAST - savour it all blog by Karen Anderson
Dana Vanveller and Lindsay Anderson – photo courtesy of the subjects

Four years in the making and it’s almost here!  FEAST: recipes and stories from a Canadian road trip is the perfect way for Canadian food lovers to celebrate our country’s sesquicentennial 150th birthday. No longer will you be stumped when someone asks you “What is Canadian food?”

Turns out the answer is as diverse as our country and often as quirky as our Canadian sense of humour. Authors Lindsay Anderson (no relation – rats!) and Dana Vanveller spent five months touring all 10 provinces and three territories in their tiny Yaris during the summer of 2013. They blogged their hearts out at Edible Road Trip and won Saveur magazine’s Best Travel Blog award for their efforts. They captured the stories of our people and places and they shared the joy of eating the food that came with each day’s adventure. Now they are sharing the recipes that go with the stories they served up.

Next week, these fresh voices begin travelling Canada again and it’s your chance to meet them and get a copy of what will surely become an iconic Canadian book. Tour dates, recipes and a chance for a bonus gift from the authors follows.

Feast cookbook - savour it all blog by Karen Anderson
Joy Road’s Grilled Peaches with Sage – photo courtesy of Appetite by Random House

Here’s an example of the layout, recipes and photography you’ll be treating yourself to once you hold this book in your hands. Grilled peaches from the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia above and Pickled Pumpkin from the Prairie province of Manitoba below.

Feast Cookbook - savour it all blog by Karen Anderson - #eatcanada150
Pickled Pumpkin – photo and recipe courtesy of Appetite by Random House

Anderson and Vanveller spent months collecting, editing and recipe testing the 114 recipes for the cookbook. Though they describe trying whale blubber in Nunavut (they’ve spared us a recipe for that pleasure), they share only the most mouth-watering side of Canada with recipes like Yukon Cinnamon Buns, B.C. Spot Prawn Ceviche and Haida Gwaii Halibut.

Their cross-Canada trek to launch this cookbook starts February 26 in Edmonton. They’ll be in Calgary on March 2 at the Cookbook Co. Cooks. Check out all their tour dates here.

If you pre-order the book now you’ll get a bonus booklet of six extra recipes. One of those recipes is an old family recipe of mine for Nova Scotian wild blueberry cobbler. It is pictured below, is easy-peasy to make and is every bit as delicious as it looks.

I was very happy to share that recipe with Anderson and Vanveller. They visited my parents on the New Brunswick portion of their odyssey and my Mom is included in the book. Oops! That’s enough of a teaser. I’m not giving anything more away.

Just do yourself a favour and GET THIS glorious book. When it comes to Canada and food, there’s never been a better way to savour it all.

Feast - recipes and stories from a Canadian road trip by Lindsay Anderson and Dana Van Veller - savour it all blog by Karen Anderson
Nova Scotian Wild Blueberry Cobbler – photo credit – Lindsay Anderson and Dana Vanveller


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