#ArtInstallation No 17 – Love this @ToqueCanoe article on #ArtfulHotels

from Hotel Arts Calgary's art collection - @savouritall blog

Millefiore by Barry Fairbairne – photo credit – Karen Anderson

Toque and Canoe is a travel blog devoted to people who want the inside scoop on CANADA! I care for that.

This week they published a piece called The Artful Hotel – Where every room is a gallery and it featured one of my favourite artful hotels – Hotel Arts in Calgary. Hotels with art installations are extraordinary places to stay.

I’ve been working with Hotel Arts for a few years now and they are the artful anchor for a tour I do with my company Calgary Food Tours Inc. called Palette to Palate. For the 2016 season we’ve moved this tour to Saturday mornings so more people can join us to appreciate art, food, wine, architecture and entertaining stories of Calgary’s history on a lively walking and tasting tour in the Designer District.

Come on out and join us. It’s a great way to savour it all.

King by Tim Okamura - @savouritall blog

King by Tim Okamura (sorry Tim – the photo doesn’t do it justice) – Karen Anderson

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