Cool things no. 14 – @calgaryfoodtour included in @eatmywords @edmontonjournal review of Calgary food scene today and the power of encouraging words

Tracey Aubin of Terra Farms talks to guests and me (in red at back) about growing fresh herbs and how they help us savour our food photo credit and thanks to- Leilani Olynik of Calgary Farmer's Market
Tracey Aubin of Terra Farms talks to guests and me (in red at back) about growing fresh herbs and how they help us savour our food
photo credit and thanks to- Leilani Olynik of Calgary Farmer’s Market

Calgary restaurant scene impresses foodies on tour.

I’m very grateful that my small business, Calgary Food Tours Inc. was mentioned in this article by The Edmonton Journal‘s Liane Faulder. This was a very cool thing for me today and showed me the power of encouraging words.

Early in the day parts of my work and life seemed very challenging. I was overtired and susceptible to being a little discouraged. I sat at my desk and indulged in a little escapism via daydreaming for a moment.

I found myself fantasizing about immigrating to middle earth. In my version it looks like Santa Barbara and has Meryl Streep’s garden from It’s Complicated. I’d live hobbit/hermit-like there. In fact, I thought I’d simply find Bilbo Baggins and move into that cozy little hobbit house with him.

We’d take pride in our pantry, Bilbo and me – oh yes we would, and we’d be like Jacques Pepin and Julia Child cooking the days away and drinking lots of French wine together. I’d likely end up sitting on a stump and smoking a pipe with Bilbo after our long and satisfying meals together. I’d gladly do the dishes and his huge furry feet would sweep the floors and keep them shiny.

Thus far into the fantasy, my relationship with Bilbo is strictly about food and coziness and being completely removed from the world for a bit. There’s nothing else going on and that’s the point. I had removed myself to a world with no demands.

This is when I begin to realize that women everywhere probably have their own version of this daydream. I’m starting to come back to reality. I’m laughing at myself. How telling that my fantasty life involves a great kitchen and a cute furry little guy who keeps a great pantry and can cook; he’s a house hobbit, I think when suddenly…

…a familiar ping ping snaps me completely out of my revelry. It was Tourism Calgary’s Vanessa Gagnon tweeting about this article and including me in her mentions. Bless her. I followed the link and read the article and took a sweet rocket out of my daydreaming doldrums.

It seemed the Twittersphere and the universe had melded to deliver a little bundle of light and clarity in my grey and fuzzy moment.

Bilbo who?

I was very pleasantly reminded by Faulder’s article to focus on why I do what I do.

My intent is pure and simple.I would like to help MANY people savour their food and savour their lives more than they already do.

I think writing and providing interesting food tours is a great way to do this. Sometimes you might get thrown a curve ball or two but that’s just so you’ll know whether what you think you want is really important to you or not. Curve balls and questioning are good wake up calls.

As usual, it’s all good – even when you might be tempted to think otherwise.

After over 20 years in my former career as a nurse – caring for people with diseases and helping many of them face death and dying – I know how privileged I am to do what I do now.

I’m feeling very blessed indeed tonight. I was given some encouraging words about who I am and how I conduct my business by a food journalist who has travelled the world and tasted a great deal of it.

May infinite blessings and encouraging words find you all – either just when you need it, like me today, or any old-time at all.

No hobbit house and hermit life for me. I’ll be back at the work I love tomorrow. Right now, I’m going to bed. Encouraging words aside, the world looks a lot better and nothing gives one strength like a good night’s sleep. Lots to savour as I drift off tonight…

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