Savour life – modest friends and little coincidences – a funny story about the #RightHereyyc song @MikeShields

Today I was at the bank. I went to the teller to do some business banking and then I went to the ABM to do some personal stuff. I got in line behind a guy with long black hair, a skinny butt in nice jeans and the coolest hot red leather jacket I’ve ever seen. I thought, I know those locks and that butt. I wanted to sneak up behind my friend and pretend I was robbing him but humour like that doesn’t go over well in banks so I just waited with a big smile until he was done.

My friend is the very talented musician and composer, Mike Shields. We talked about family and our mutual neighbourhood and then he was off. He’s always working on a million creative projects and he never seems to interrupt his creative flow long enough to spend time talking about any of his work.

Here’s what Mike looks like now

And here’s a sliver of my favourite video from his first album, Grace Motel. It’s called The old neighbourhood

And now to the point of the story… ta dah!
Tonight I uploaded Calgary’s new video and amazing song #RightHereyyc and I was so taken with the melody and lyrics I thought I would just take a closer look at them and lo and behold, who do you think wrote that catchy tune and those beautiful lyrics? My very modest friend who I had the happy coincidence to run into at the bank today.

Mike, you’re not in the old neighbourhood anymore. We’re both in a new neighbourhood in our same great city of Calgary. Never cut your locks, buy more skinny butt jeans, keep that red leather jacket and please, please do stop to tell me when your next CD is coming out. Your music has always helped me savour my life.

Here are Mike’s Lyrics and if you want to see the #RightHereyyc video check it out here.

c 2012 Mike Shields (SOCAN)

Right here is where I live
It’s where I breathe
It’s where I feel every moment going by
It’s where I’ve come
To feel the sun
And the freedom of this endless open sky
And I am here
Yea I’m right here
Right here is where I think
It’s where I dream
It’s where that dream has got some hope of coming true
I take a chance
And join the dance
I feel there’s nothing out there that I couldn’t do
And I am here
Yea I’m right here
Right here I feel love
I feel safe
I feel welcomed to the day with open arms
There’s something new
A change of view
A kaleidoscope of fantasy and charms
Instrumental/vocal break
And I am here
Yea I’m right here
And I am here
Yea I’m right here
Right here it feels good
I wish you could
Be with me…
Right here

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