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last day to get tix for @citypalate REALLY REALLY Long Table Dinner – Monday, September 14, 2015

City Palate magazine's 3rd Annual REALLY REALLY Long Table Dinner - illustration by Pierre Lamielle - used with permission

City Palate magazine’s 3rd Annual REALLY REALLY Long Table Dinner – illustration by Pierre Lamielle – used with permission

I’ve written about Long Table Dinners for CBC Radio One’s Alberta at Noon. I’ve written about Alberta Long Table Dinners for Calgary’s City Palate magazine.

I love them. They’re a joyous occasion. Have you been to one?

Now’s your chance. You’ve got about 19 hours left to get tickets here. You can never have too much joy.

There’s really really nothing quite like a long table dinner when it comes to the chance to savour it all.

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Happy #CanadaDay and Happy @calgarystampede – 2 #coolthings about where live in #alberta #canada

Canada Day cookies - photo - Karen Anderson

Canada Day cookies – photo – Karen Anderson

Cool thing #31 – The Millarville Races and
Cool thing #32 – The Calgary Stampede
2 more great reasons to Explore Alberta

I love that summer starts with a big bang in Calgary. We get dressed up in red and white for Canada Day…

…and then we rock our maverick culture with an ode to western heritage for the 10 days of The Calgary Stampede. It’s the world’s largest outdoor show and one of the world’s largest music festivals.

This post will be a photo essay of how I usually spend Canada Day – at the Millarville Races – along with some food ideas for your own celebrations and then a quick look at the fun of our beloved Calgary Stampede.

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Let there be light! – Art installation #7 (cool thing #25) – A new central Calgary Public Library for @calgarylibrary

From the Calgary Municipal Land Corporation’s press release today…

“The New Central Library has been a long time coming, and moving forward with this project was a key part of my platform when I was first elected,” says Mayor Naheed Nenshi. “When City Council created the Community Investment Fund in 2011, we also created a mechanism to finalize the funding of a New Central Library that will serve the needs of a growing population now and into the future. I’m immensely proud of what we’ve achieved together—The City of Calgary, CMLC, Calgary Public Library, and all citizens. The New Central Library will be a new icon for Calgarians and a jewel of public space and opportunity for all.”

The prime design consultant team, Snøhetta + DIALOG, deeply understand that a library is far more than just a building with books – something that’s evident in every aspect of the final design.

“Since embarking on this project, one of the things we’ve kept reminding ourselves is that we don’t just want to build the best library in the world. We want to build the library that’s best for Calgary.” Craig Dykers of Snøhetta explains, “At this moment in time, with the city conditions that surround us, with the different needs of all of you in the community, we continue to ask ourselves, how we are going to make the right library?”

From me…

The City is laying a bridge with this architectural icon to connect the long neglected East Village to downtown Calgary. City Hall was built with its back to East Calgary. This new building brings the area back into the fold and celebrates it as a beacon for our bright future as a whole with no area left out. That’s Nenshi building a different legacy for the city.

When East Village is completed in 2027 there will be more than 11,000 residents. They will have the RiverWalk, St. Patrick’s Island Park, the National Music Centre and an urban shopping centre to enjoy along with this inspiring gathering place that will be our new Central Calgary Public Library. This isn’t the first time a new library has acted as a beacon of light for our city.

The first library in Calgary at Central Memorial Park was opened in 1912. The Women’s Literacy group of Alberta applied for a building grant from the Andrew Carnegie Foundation. Carnegie had come from nothing in Scotland to become the wealthiest man in the world. He was a firm believer in the ability of learning, books and free libraries in inspiring and lifting humanity to its full potential. He funded over 2500 public libraries in the world and our first library was one of them. That building was built in a feminine Beaux Arts style and raised on a pedestal in honour of the women who got it built. It was Alberta’s first library and brought some balance to our “rough and ready” existence at the time. Central Memorial Library is set in a park, is still open and still very beautiful 100 years later.

It’ll be exciting for our children’s children to see what the next 100 years and this new library inspire. And isn’t it right that all this new light is rising from the East…Village.

I like these two libraries. They are beautiful bookends in our city’s history. Libraries truly shed light and help us savour it all.

Central Memorial Library

Central Memorial Library

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Savour life – modest friends and little coincidences – a funny story about the #RightHereyyc song @MikeShields

Today I was at the bank. I went to the teller to do some business banking and then I went to the ABM to do some personal stuff. I got in line behind a guy with long black hair, a skinny butt in nice jeans and the coolest hot red leather jacket I’ve ever seen. I thought, I know those locks and that butt. I wanted to sneak up behind my friend and pretend I was robbing him but humour like that doesn’t go over well in banks so I just waited with a big smile until he was done.

My friend is the very talented musician and composer, Mike Shields. We talked about family and our mutual neighbourhood and then he was off. He’s always working on a million creative projects and he never seems to interrupt his creative flow long enough to spend time talking about any of his work.

Here’s what Mike looks like now

And here’s a sliver of my favourite video from his first album, Grace Motel. It’s called The old neighbourhood

And now to the point of the story… ta dah!
Tonight I uploaded Calgary’s new video and amazing song #RightHereyyc and I was so taken with the melody and lyrics I thought I would just take a closer look at them and lo and behold, who do you think wrote that catchy tune and those beautiful lyrics? My very modest friend who I had the happy coincidence to run into at the bank today.

Mike, you’re not in the old neighbourhood anymore. We’re both in a new neighbourhood in our same great city of Calgary. Never cut your locks, buy more skinny butt jeans, keep that red leather jacket and please, please do stop to tell me when your next CD is coming out. Your music has always helped me savour my life.

Here are Mike’s Lyrics and if you want to see the #RightHereyyc video check it out here.

c 2012 Mike Shields (SOCAN)

Right here is where I live
It’s where I breathe
It’s where I feel every moment going by
It’s where I’ve come
To feel the sun
And the freedom of this endless open sky
And I am here
Yea I’m right here
Right here is where I think
It’s where I dream
It’s where that dream has got some hope of coming true
I take a chance
And join the dance
I feel there’s nothing out there that I couldn’t do
And I am here
Yea I’m right here
Right here I feel love
I feel safe
I feel welcomed to the day with open arms
There’s something new
A change of view
A kaleidoscope of fantasy and charms
Instrumental/vocal break
And I am here
Yea I’m right here
And I am here
Yea I’m right here
Right here it feels good
I wish you could
Be with me…
Right here

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Savour life – Cool thing no. 7 – #RightHereyyc – @Calgary video to show you why I love where I live

Thank you to @TourismCalgary @calgaryeconomic @ctcc_calgary for making this video that so beautifully conveys everything I love about Calgary.

I choose to live here. I love the maverick spirit and generous nature of the people. I love my access to the splendour of the natural world. I can be urban but I wouldn’t survive without the hiking and skiing – my time in nature – that keeps me balanced and calm. I love the open minds of the people I do business with. I love the youth and vitality of the city and our multicultural mosaic. I love raising a family here.

Most of all…don’t be surprised…I love the food here. Here are the multiple people and factors that I give credit to for making Calgary the best place to eat in Canada. Of course, I’d love to hear if you agree or disagree or have things to add of your own. Sharing ideas always helps us savour our lives…#RightHere in #yyc #Calgary.

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