Savour food – Savour life – Joy in the Journey

Greetings to all of you who are looking to Savour your food and most importantly, savour your life.

I am a joyful person and strive for balance and happiness in each day I am blessed to be on Earth.  I have been in the fortunate position to follow my passions all my life.  I was a nurse for over twenty years and I loved it.  When I had my family I wanted greater flexibility and now own and operate Calgary Food Tours Inc. in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  I love food and showing people where to find the best Calgary has to offer.  I also travel a lot and write about that for all kinds of media.

I am starting this blog because, while I love food, I also think there are many paths to joy and I want to write about what I think they are.   Let’s start with the power of a smile.

Today, I woke up grouchy.  I have been burning the midnight oil a bit lately with the demands of meeting deadlines and setting up my touring schedule for 2011.  As a Mom, my “work” work sometimes waits until all my other family and household work and chores are done and people are tucked into beds.  I always say that if someone is grouchy it is because they are either tired or hungry. What is true for fussy babies is true for the rest of us too.  I’ll admit, I was a little grouchy with my 11-year-old this morning and then something happened to help me snap out the slippery slope of that mood.

I was driving my son to his first ever music exam.  He was likely a little nervous and trying not to show it and the last thing he needed was a grouchy Mom.  I remembered that if you smile, it is impossible to think bad thoughts.  I shared this with him and he tried it.  “It’s true!” he said and laughed as he confronted the impossibility of thinking negatively. I encouraged him to just smile the whole way through his exam.  I smiled the rest of the drive and I am smiling now.  It’s really good exercise for you face.

Anyway, one of my goals in life is to die with a face full of laugh lines and zero frumpy old frown marks. I’s like my face to tell a story of a life filled with joy (eww, what does a face paralyzed by Botox tell the world? – not judging, just saying it’s something to think about – your body will always tell you your life if you let it).  So, no matter how bad your day, even if you have to force yourself, put a smile on your face and things will always improve.  Try it and you’ll see and in my case, I am going to bed early tonight.  A good night’s sleep won’t hurt either.

All the best,

Karen 🙂

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