Louise Savoie, the artist - portrait

Art Installation No. 38 – Abstract’d Art Walk & Pop-Up Exhibition

Art Installation No. 38 brings news of an Abstract’d Art Walk & Pop-Up Exhibition. Here’s the scoop: Southern Alberta artists Gloria Gelo, Julia Hirst, Margriet Hogue, Nadine Johnson, Susan Sakamoto and my dear friend Louise Savoie are hosting the event this Sunday, Oct. 3rd from 12 – 5pm. And, they are collaborating with some of Calgary’s finest brewing, cider making and distilling establishments to create a new way to enjoy their art.

Imagine yourself strolling between Two Rivers Distillery, Uncommon Cider, City & Country Winery, Cabin Brewing and Born Colorado Brewing in south east Calgary and being able to discover the feature abstract contemporary work of these artists at each location. It might sound far, but it’s only 4280 steps round trip.

And here’s something to add even more fun. While you are whetting your whistle and exploring your art palette, you can satisfy your food palate by enjoying a couple of tasty local food trucks along the way too. More details, locations and a map of the event can be found here.

My friend Louise Savoie is second from the left in this photo of the Abstract’d Art Collective

Q&A with Louise Savoie

I’ve written about Louise Savoie before. Her early years as a representational artist and then her journey to being an abstract painter. Now that she’s found a community of like-minded artists and helped form the Abstract’d Art Collective, I asked her a few questions about what this means for her life and work.

What does it mean to you to belong to an art collective?

Making art is a lonely journey. I was able to meet and connect with the five other women artists in the Abstract’d Art Collective through a community of artists who have taken a 12-week workshop called ‘Creative Visionary Program’ given by Nicholas Wilton, a California artist, and his team. I find our group empowering and supportive. We have the support of working together to show our work when abstract art is not dominant in the Calgary art scene.

How have you changed as an artist since you started exploring the abstract realm?

As a representational artist, I observed my surroundings and interpreted them on canvas. It was fun and technical. Since I have been exploring the abstract realm, making art is more about who I am and what it feels like. It’s more instinctive and it requires more insight. It’s much harder than I ever expected because I never know where the painting will take me and I have to accept what transpires.

Where do you see yourself going with your art now?

I have come to realize that making art is necessary for my well being.  When I am working in my studio, I feel happy. So, my main goal is to stay connected to myself when I paint and to accept the polarities that exist in my paintings. I’ve learned what is understood (harmony, structure, unity) can coexist with the incomprehensible (ambiguity, disorder, uniqueness). They fill each other’s needs. My journey will never be over.

I like the sound of that. Louise Savoie’s art has long been a way to help me savour it all. Please come out and support this thoughtful and creative art event.

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