2021 Made in Alberta Awards

I’m thrilled to share that a game my company innovated is eligible for a 2021 Made in Alberta Award. The awards are presented by Calgary’s Avenue magazine and open to all Alberta Entrepreneurs. And, right now until May 15, you can help my small business by voting for us in the Readers’ Choice Awards.

There are categories for Indigenous arts, crafts, food, drink, beauty, fashion and accessories, furnishings and home decor and games and leisure. We are in the Games and Leisure category.

What’s our Entry?

Last year, when my company, Alberta Food Tours, could no longer offer in-person tours because of the pandemic health restrictions, we innovated a Self-Guided Food Tour Game! It’s called Alberta Food Finder. Here’s a video to give you a feel for how fun it is.

The Alberta Food Finder

This game is an experience designed so people can savour flavours, discover hidden gems and reconnect safely while they eat, engage and explore Alberta. The Alberta Food Finder is Canada’s first self-guided food tour delivered on a GPS-enabled mobile device. Alberta Food Tours has been in the local food scene for over 15 years, and this game shares all of our favourite spots along with bite-size stories of history, art, and food artisans. 

What’s Included? Players:

  • Taste scrumptious samples that only Alberta Food Finders have access to
  • Receive valuable discounts and promos
  • Earn a chance to win monthly grand prizes by posting to Instagram with #albertafoodfinder
  • Have a positive impact on Alberta’s independent businesses
  • Reconnect with family and friends  – SAFELY – at a date, time and pace that works best for the group
  • Come away amazed and proud about all Alberta has to offer!

How It Works

The Alberta Food Finder game is a GPS-enabled quest delivered on your mobile device. You buy it on the Alberta Food Tours website. A game code is emailed immediately. You download a free app called “Loquiz”. Then, you start by simply entering your team name and members (you can have up to four team members on one device).

Playing the Game

Clues to help players complete their mission pop up on a map of the area where the quest is located. Once players complete each clue, the next will appear. There’s usually about 30 clues. The clues and commentary lead players through a tour of restaurants and food specialty shops as well as local history, art and culture stops. Some of the independent Alberta business partners have prepared Alberta Food Finder ONLY samples for players to try. At others there are exclusive discounts and promos. To finish the quest, and be an Alberta Food Finder hero, players need to answer all of the clues!

Scaling Up The Fun

Now that we have the Alberta Food Finder up and running in Calgary’s Kensington neighbourhood, we’ve been working over the winter to create a game in Canmore. That will launch – health restrictions allowing – before the May long weekend of 2021. Then, we have plans to scale up to Banff, Edmonton and across the province. We hope to make all Alberta road trips more entertaining.

And the best part? The best part about this game is that the user generates their experience. Players immerse themselves into Alberta’s food culture. They connect with business owners. And they reconnect with each other.

Previously, people had to fit into Alberta Food Tours schedule. Now, the game allows them the flexibility to play when they want to. And, it’s very affordable and safe.

Why Winning is important

If we win a Made in Alberta Award, we will featured in Avenue magazine’s October print issue and in the new Made in Alberta magazine that will be distributed throughout the province. If we win the readers’ choice we’ll be identified in the final coverage of winners. The Overall winner receives $5000. All these things are dreams come true for small businesses – especially when we are trying to innovate and stay alive throughout a pandemic.

I think we’ve innovated something really special with our Alberta Food Finder. But, if nobody knows about it we’ll never reach our market and people will never have the opportunity to enjoy Alberta’s food and culture in this way.

So, please VOTE here. Scroll to the bottom and find us at the top of the Games and Leisure category. We’d be thrilled to have your support.

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