My annual @citypalate holiday gift guide for food lovers

 Holiday Biscotti – photo credit – Karen Anderson

Have you started your holiday shopping yet? Me neither.

I did make a list and check it twice. The list I’m talking about is my annual article on great gifts for food lovers for Calgary’s City Palate magazine. I came up with  17 gifts, gadgets and goodies for 2016.

Click on the link and check it out.

I hope my article helps you find “just the thing”. And now, I’d best get started myself…after just one more cookie!


  1. cvanbrunschot

    I LOVED your gift list this year! Not just the selections, but the fun descriptions, too – made me smile. A couple of the ideas are perfect for people on my list. And I’ve circled a few things that I wouldn’t mind seeing under the tree for myself (leaving the pages out where my significant others can stumble across them). I’ve seen my husband lusting after the Hestan grill – so maybe he’ll notice my scribbles?.

    1. Karen Anderson

      Thanks Catherine. City Palate’s designer Carol Slezak does a fantastic job of layout. She made it all look so beautiful and I have great fun playing with words and being punny. Hope you get the goods under your tree. Happy Holidays, K

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