Enjoy the World’s Best #foodtours this summer and save 20% – Taking a food tour is my best tip for savvy travellers

World's Best Food Tours

It’s a pleasure to share news of this global food tourism offering with my fellow food lovers. My company Calgary Food Tours is a member of Food Tour Pros which is a certification program with over 190 members in 20 countries. I’ve joined with 22 of my colleagues to offer this fun and very brief sale on our collective offerings.

For clickable links that will take you directly to the websites of this list of World’s Best Food Tours please visit here. You’ll find the index of all the tours and the promo code for 20% off in that Cowtown to Chowtown blog post. Sale ends May 7. 

A full 51 per cent of people plan their travel around food now. Food tours are the sure thing because someone has carefully selected the very best food, fun and adventure in their city for you. When you’re travelling to a new place look for a Food Tour Pros certified food tour company. We’ve all agreed to uphold standards of excellence so that you have a great experience. It’s very good for all our businesses because if you have a great experience in one city, we reckon you’ll be far more likely to join another of our food tours in another city.

If you would like to join a Calgary Food Tour, visit our website, check out our six different tours and the calendar which starts up on May 21 and then use the promo code FOODIE2016  to save 20% on our offerings.

I’ve done food tours all over Canada, the United States, France, Italy, Spain, Brazil and India. They are the key I use to open a culture. Touring the town with a local expert, tasting the city’s best food and learning about history, art and culture is one of my favourite ways to savour it all.

food tours

Trying new food is fun – photo credit – Nora Seto


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2 responses to “Enjoy the World’s Best #foodtours this summer and save 20% – Taking a food tour is my best tip for savvy travellers

  1. cherylp775

    We need more in Canada! More expansion opportunities for you? ________________________ Cheryl Strachan, RD, MBA Registered Dietitian cell: (403) 554-3898 http://www.sweetspotnutrition.ca



    • You are right Cheryl.
      We are on it!
      There will be Canmore Food Tours and Edmonton Food Tours by the end of 2016.
      More food, fun and adventure for Albertans and our visitors.


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