Happy Birthday David #Suzukiat80

I grew up with parents that told me “go outside”. I had teachers that were conservationists and who taught me the names of all the plants, flowers and trees where we lived. They mean as much to me as my neighbours and friends – for that is what they truly are.

My happy place is walking a trail and breathing with the trees.

Now that I’m older, when I travel to a new place, I have an inherent need to learn the names of the plants, flowers and trees. It’s quirky but otherwise, I feel rude. I just feel a basic need to acknowledge and care for them always.

This is why David Suzuki is a hero for me. He uses his life to inform and activate others to save nature and in doing so, ourselves. I support and pay attention to this man. After all, we need nature. Nature does not need us.

Want to learn more about him? Here’s a link to 80 things you didn’t know about David Suzuki.


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