Heading out for last minute #ChristmasShopping? – here’s an idea list that might help

Gather the Goods and then Gather together – photo – Karen Anderson

Every year for  Calgary’s City Palate magazine’s December issue – the “entertaining” issue – I share a list of cool things for cooks. This year’s is  chock-a-block full of  Retro Gifts for Food Lovers. (these dozen goodies will be cool things #33 – #44 on this blog’s list)

I made the list and now, as I head out the door for “just a few more things”, I’m checking it twice. There’s nothing naughty. It’s all nice.

Since even I am going back to my own list, I thought I’d share it again here in case it might help you. We can all use a little help with fun ideas in this week of preparing for the Christmas holidays.

Hi Ho, Hi Ho – it’s off to shop I go.

Wishing you great Christmas Cheer,


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