Whoot! what a thrill to be featured in @AvenueMagazine – “5 Great Calgary Food Tours” by @JenntotheH

I love my company Calgary Food Tours Inc. and all the fun people I get to work with. Cheers to them for making our company a world-class one! photo - Cole Anderson
I love my company Calgary Food Tours Inc. and all the fun people I get to work with. Cheers to them for making our company a world class one!
photo – Cole Anderson

Cool thing #23 – Calgary Food Tours is featured in Avenue Magazine

5 Great Calgary Food Tours.

Thanks to Calgary’s Avenue Magazine Executive Editor Jennifer Hamilton for so clearing capturing and highlighting my company Calgary Food Tours Inc in the article above.

Yes, it’s true. When I’m not writing, I’m out on the streets of Calgary leading food tours. The tours are amazing because of the depth of Calgary’s food scene and the terrific partners we choose to showcase. Yet many people still don’t know what a food tour is or what we do.

Read on for a photo journey that will help you see why food tours are quickly becoming the number one attraction in cities around the globe.

To have a great food tour, you must have a great food city.

Calgary is a great food city and an amazing food destination. We are a great food city for the quality of the ingredients found here, the people cooking with those ingredients and the mavericks that add additional character to our food scene. We are also surrounded by natural beauty and have fun stories to tell about the history of this young city which is in full view of the Rocky Mountains and cozied up to two fresh water freely flowing rivers.

The best part of owning Calgary Food Tours Inc. is that because people think they “know” Calgary – we get to constantly surprise and delight locals and visitors with the sophistication of what’s really going on behind all the stereotypes people use to inform their opinion of this young city. The truth is mind-blowingly delicious and will make you rethink Calgary as Canada’s Chowtown and not just as its beloved old Cowtown. We love beef but like to make the point that what’s on the menu beyond beef is beyond belief.

Calgary Food Tours Inc. operates annually from May till mid-October and the tours are filled with food, fun and adventure. Our calendar and tickets are available on our website.

Taking time out for a food tour is a great way to savour it all. Enjoy this virtual tour until you get a chance to come on out and join us for a little food, fun and adventure. Cheers, Karen


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