Rambling through Rajasthan – my @AlbertaatNoon podcast for January and photos to bring it all to life

Travelling is a great way to Savour it All

Travelling is a great way to Savour it All

Today on Alberta at Noon I talked about a few recipes from my recent trip to Rajasthan, India. You can listen to that broadcast here. I’m on between the 28:10 to 34:10 marks in the show.

In my column today I talked about the colours of Rajasthan. I tried to convey in words on the radio a few of the images that have stuck in mind. I did not end up feeling that my brief words did this justice so I’ve put together a slide show so you can really begin to see why colour is such a phenomenon in this arid North Indian desert state.

In the pictures below you’ll see women walking with their saris flowing, men’s heads adorned with metres of cloth all wrapped in a colourful turban top, jewels, flowers and glorious food on plates and in corner bazaars and roadside food markets. People loved to wave a friendly hello as we passed or as our bus paused in traffic. The architecture is hundreds of years old but it retains every ounce of glory in its time-worn softness. Throughout our journey, the common thread was the kindness in the eyes and in the hearts of the Indian people we met. “Atithi devo bhavaa”, they would say. Our Guests are Gods. We felt that love and warmth.

I owe a debt of gratitude to my business partners at Indus Travels (especially tour guide extraordinnaire Luv Jawad) for the loving care they take of me and my guests each year. My wonderful life here in Canada will only allow me to take a small group once each year, but they have a tremendous team of brilliant guides available year round and most of their excursions are very small and personalized like my custom tour. I hope you’ll check out all that they have to offer. They really manifest that “Atithi devo bhavaa” credo and when you are travelling half way around the world there could be nothing better to set you up and help you savour it all.

Hint: Click on a photo and then browse through the slide show from that vantage point. You’ll be able to enjoy the full pictures. Namaste, Karen


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7 responses to “Rambling through Rajasthan – my @AlbertaatNoon podcast for January and photos to bring it all to life

  1. Liz Tompkins

    Beautiful shots, amazing trip!


  2. Jackie Chalmers

    Stellar – love the colour – can feel the heat. The warmth of the people comes through so many of your photos. Thank you!


  3. Janet Henderson

    The colours in the photos are so vivid – everything looks amazing. When is the next tour?


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