#Travel – Time in nature – a list of back country lodges in #TheCanadianRockies

relaxing with a cool drink on the porch of Mt. Assiniboine Lodge photo - Karen Anderson
relaxing with a cool drink on the porch of Mt. Assiniboine Lodge
photo – Karen Anderson

I’m just back from a luxurious 2 day trip to Mt. Assiniboine Lodge. I’ve stayed at Skoki Lodge in winter three times. I’ve camped at Lake O’Hara in summer and skied into the ACC Elizabeth Parker Hut there in winter.

Time in nature, whether in a tent or in a comfy bed with a cozy duvet – it’s all good and it always helps me savour my life. I hope this post with a long list of lodges and huts (in every price range) will be of use to you as you explore what helps you savour your own life.

Basic shelter in the back country
Alpine Club of Canada (ACC)
This group operates several huts in the Rockies with very rustic amenities. Class A huts are heated.Class B are not. Huts can be booked by non-members at a slightly higher price than ACC members. Access to certain huts and lodges may require advanced skiing or mountaineering ability.
1. Peter and Catherine Whyte (Peyto) Hut, Banff National Park – 16 persons ACC Class B (unheated) the most Northerly hut on the Wapta Icefield Traverse at Peyto Lake.
2. Bow Hut, Banff National Park – 30 persons ACC Class A On the Wapta Traverse about 8 km from Hwy 93 at Bow Lake
3. Balfour Hut, Lake Louise – 16 persons ACC Class B hut on the Wapta Traverse about 7 km south of Bow hut.
4. Scott Duncan Hut, Lake Louise – 12 persons ACC Class B (unheated) – The most Southerly hut on the Wapta Traverse about 11 km N of and 1,300 m (4,300 ft) above the Trans-Canada Highway.
5. Sydney Vallance Hut, Jasper – 12 persons, ACC Class A. Located 12 km along the Fryatt Valley trail with a 800-m (2,600-ft) net gain in altitude.
6. Wates-Gibson Memorial Hut, Jasper – 30 persons, ACC Class A. Located 25 km along the Astoria Valley from Edith Cavell Road.

Comfortable Basic Lodges with Kitchen facilities
Banff National Park Back Country Huts
All the fees and information you will need for a Banff back country trip can be found here.
1. Egypt Lake (near Healy Pass) and Bryant Creek (near Mt Assiniboine)
2. Shovel Pass Lodge, Jasper – 7 private heated cabins at 2,135 metre elevation on Skyline Trail near Big Shovel Pass, a 22 km hike from Maligne Lake, hiking, horseback riding
3. Fortress Lake Lodge, Jasper – a 26-km hike or bike from Sunwapta Falls, also accessible by aircraft, hiking, paddling, fishing
Mt Assiniboine Provincial Park
4. and 5. R.C. Hind Hut and Naiset Cabins – each rustic cabin sleeps 5 to 8 persons. Book through Mt Assiniboine Lodge.

Luxurious Back Country Lodging in the Canadian Rockies
1. Tonquin Valley Lodge, Jasper – 18 persons in cabins located 33 km SW of the town of Jasper and 23 km along on a gradually climbing trail, hiking, horseback riding, cross-country skiing,
2. Tonquin Amethyst Lake Lodge, Jasper – several cabins located 33 km SW of the town of Jasper and 23 km along on a gradually climbing trail, hiking, horseback trips, cross-country skiing.
3. Mount Assiniboine Lodge, Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park (B.C.) – sleeps 30 persons double occupancy in lodge and cabins at the foot of the most spectacular mountain in the Canadian Rockies. Sauna, heating, bedding, access from Kananaskis by helicopter, hiking, skiing or snowshoeing 27 km
4. Sundance Lodge and Halfway Lodge, Banff – 10-room lodge located 10 km along Healy Creek trail in Banff National Park, bedding, hot showers, indoor toilets
5. Shadow Lake Lodge and Cabins, Banff – 24 persons in 9 cabins. Located 10 km on trail from Red Earth parking lot, 20 km west of Banff, meals & bedding included, guide available
6. Talus Mountain Lodge – 12 guests in double occupancy rooms with twin beds, all meals, heli in, showers and toilets

And last but not least – if it is good enough for Kate and Will it’s good enough for all – one of my personal favourites; Skoki Lodge. I’ve been three times in winter for ski-touring and had a ball each and every time.
7. Skoki Lodge, Lake Louise – 22 persons in lodge and cabins located 11 km from Temple Lodge at Lake Louise alpine centre, sauna, propane, hiking, xc skiing

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