Savour food – my @AlbertaatNoon podcast on @DirtCraftNaturalBuilding

Today on CBC Radio One’s Alberta at Noon I talked about Dirt Craft Natural Building. You can listen to the podcast here. I start at the 45 minute mark. The recipes are here or on the CBC site here.

I went into much greater detail about Dirt Craft Natural Building here. I love the video series below because it shows the “how to” of cooking in a wood-fired cob oven. Of course my favourite video is the second one where Ashley Lubyk and Heather Noakes of Dirt Craft Natural Building demonstrate their cooking skills and all the yummy things that go into and come out of their oven.

Noakes asked me to say that they learned a great deal about cooking from their dear friend, chef Val Andrews. Andrews is a long time cook and instructor around Alberta and B.C. and she recently moved to Ontario (We all miss you Val!) but I’m sure she’d be thrilled to see how successful an influence she has been on the next generation of healthy Albertan cooks. Andrews will occasionally pop back to teach heritage cooking skills like canning at The Cookbook Co Cooks so check their cooking school schedule for an opportunity to work with this quietly competent expert mentor and chef.

My goals in life are to savour food and savour life and this is a style of cooking that would certainly lend itself to both of those. The food will taste great and be savoured along with the company that comes to share a little of their host’s life around a simple but elegant cooking vessel – a wood fired cob oven in a back yard in Alberta.

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