Making Irish Soda Bread with the McElligotts

handwritten recipes being transferred from one generation to another
The transfer of a heritage recipe from one generation to the next should always come with a good cup of tea.

If time with friends is a treasure then time with friends who have very little time is like finding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. This is how it felt to spend an afternoon learning to make Irish Soda Bread with my dear friend Donna McElligott and her mother.

Donna’s worked for the CBC for over 30 years. She’s travelled to all seven continents and lived in Moscow, Beijing and Inuvik in Nunavut Territory. In Ottawa, she served as a parliamentary correspondent.

Though she goes flat out most of the time, this year she’s on sabbatical. She’s taking time with her family and most of all, time with her octogenarian mother, Mrs. Sheila (Julia) McElligott. As part of this more relaxed paced year, Donna ALSO promised me a cooking lesson with her mother so I could learn to make one of their family’s staples: Irish Soda Bread.


  1. Catherine Caldwell

    What a great story, Karen….that looks like a wonderful afternoon. And great to see what Donna is up to! Boy, do mother and daughter ever look alike!

  2. Tandi

    Thank you Karen. I love this post, and the photos really cover these two beautiful women. What vivid smiles. Wonderful way to share time with friends. I can’t wait to try those recipes!!

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