Savour life – Cool things #4 – @TEDxyyc

Inspirational speakers on tap for fourth annual TEDx event in Calgary.

I love TED talks. Their mantra is “Ideas worth sharing” and though they originally focused on the fields of Technology, Entertainment and Design they have branched out to include just about any good idea. We humans have so many amazing ideas that TED will be infinitely busy. I love it that whenever I need a little inspiration I can go to TED Talks and access over 1400 of the world’s best leading edge thinkers with a click of my mouse.

The TEDx Calgary event is an official spin-off, non for profit, that is licensed to bring this forum of ideas exchange to Calgary. Both global and local speakers are featured. This year’s event is June 14 at the Jack Singer Concert Hall. Registration is now open here.

In past years you had to apply as the venues have historically been small. Last year I was chosen to go. I was thrilled for many reasons but especially because I got to meet Raffi. He’s as humble and kind and fun as I imagined he would be. I could never say enough good about that man and the way he honours children and families. I love how non-commercial he is and how he lives purely by and truly to his values. If you are a parent, you’ll know how important his music is as something truly joyful to share as a family. It’s got genuinely thoughtful and original content as opposed to some brands of children’s entertainment that are severely contrived and over produced. Raffi’s music is something fun and repeatable. The other makes you feel like you’re in a round room trying to find a corner to hide in. That’s very exhausting. Raffi’s music is exhilarating because of how fun it is to enjoy with your wee ones. And, if like me, you find yourself humming Banana-phone every time you eat a banana well, that’s pretty fun too, isn’t it?

I also got to hang out with my friends Ken Lima-Coelho, David Gray of CBC radio and Jody Willoughby and Carolyne MacIntyre-Jackson of Crave Cupcakes and Cookies. I didn’t know who would be there but was not surprised when I found these bright people. Of course, I also made some new acquaintances. The days are designed with time out to “TED talk amongst yourselves”. It made me really proud to meet so many bright people from my own city. I heard about some fascinating things I would never have known about otherwise. Job well done TED. I left feeling confirmed in my belief of humanity: that we really are limitless in our creativity and desire to improve our world.

I’m happy The Calgary Herald ran a story announcing this year’s June 14th date for TEDxyyc this AM (Wouldn’t it be fun to see a daily newspaper that just focused on all that’s right in the world). We get more of what we focus on. I’ll always be focusing on savouring all that’s great in life.

TED talks turns 30 years old in 2014. Happy birthday (early) TED. You are on my list of cool things that help me savour life.

I’ll leave you with a little Raffi. Don’t be surprised if you start tapping your toes as you listen to this.

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