Summer Cooking Camps for Kids in #Alberta – my @AlbertaatNoon Column for April, 2016

Entrepreneurs invent business opportunities to meet societal needs. Few parents have the time or skill to teach their children to cook. Few schools include cooking in their curriculums and yet, thanks to the work of food educators like Jamie Oliver we know we need to reconnect children to food literacy and cooking skills. Enter the entrepreneur. Need creates […]


Updating the candy bowl – #food #exercise and #health

When I was a little girl every time I visited my paternal Grandmother she let me pick a sweet from her candy bowl. It sat on one end of her gleaming coffee table in the heart of her completely neat and tidy 1970’s bungalow. Depending on the season Grammy filled the soft green depression glass vessel with Werther’s caramels, Ganong’s peppermints, […]