#Salad #Recipes for my January @AlbertaatNoon food column and to help you eat more fruit and vegetables – always a good resolution

Here you’ll find 2 new recipes I developed for my Alberta at Noon food column for CBC Radio One. I hope they’ll inspire you to eat more fruits and vegetables. The current recommendations are 5 – 9 servings each day or about 4.5 cups. Are you getting enough? Are you getting any? (nudge, nudge – wink, […]


Yes, it’s January – But Do You Really Need to ‘Detox’? – A Tufts University Health & Nutrition Letter Article

I’m doing some research for my January Alberta at Noon Food Column and just came across an article that takes a lot of weight off claims made by the increasingly popular trend for “detox” or “cleansing” juice diets. The designer juice industry is grossing about $5 billion annually with people paying between 60 – 90 dollars […]


The Gastronomic Meal of the French – a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage Value and my CBC @AlbertaatNoon food column for May

I’m just back from Paris. I had the opportunity during my visit to spend a day shopping and cooking a multi-course French meal with my friends Marion Willard and Aurélie Mahoudeau of Succulent Paris. For my Parisian friends, this is a daily occurrence. They have culinary skills that have been passed down through the generations […]