Art Installation #5 – Cool things #16 – @CityPalate presents #CheflyScreenShots #film 2 celebrate 20th anniversary

Chefly shorts trailer from Ramin Eshraghi Yazdi on Vimeo.

Chefly Screen Shots
Wednesday, May 7 6:30 p.m.
Festival Hall in Inglewood

This event qualifies as both a very #CoolThing and a major #ArtInstallation. It promises to be quirky, upbeat and delicious and I’d say it’d be the funnest event this year for those that love food, art and film.

Here are the details and ticket link from the City Palate press release as follows:

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Bonus #Recipe for #Easter, #Spring or any old time – a fresh lemon mascarpone tart

Lemon Mascarpone Tart photo - Karen Anderson

Lemon Mascarpone Tart
photo – Karen Anderson

You are never too old for an Easter treat and this tart is my favourite spring dessert.

Lemon is a great ingredient and this tart has major star power. Whether you serve it as the finale of an Easter Brunch or after a fresh spring dinner, it will always be enjoyed and appreciated.
Read on for the recipe.

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An #Easter lamb recipe for my @AlbertaatNoon column – April

Voila - Chutney Stuffed Alberta Lamb for Easter photo - Karen Anderson

Voila – Chutney Stuffed Alberta Lamb for Easter
photo – Karen Anderson

Half the lamb we eat in Alberta is imported but, the superior taste of our local product means demand for it is on the rise. Lamb producers in the province are responding with a strategy to increase yields by 40% over the next 6 years. A recent Edmonton Journal article chronicled what life on Tangled Ridge lamb farm is like this time of year.

Taste Alberta: Local food movement fuels growing support for Tangle Ridge Ranch (with recipes and video).

Here’s a link to my visit to Ewe-nique lamb farm and a whole menu of delicious things to make for Easter, spring and beyond.

These are just two farms out of hundreds that need our support if we are to have a strong and secure local system filled with our dream farms. Supporting and finding the farms of our dreams and cravings – our Soil Mates – was the main focus of my Alberta at Noon column today. I hope you’ll help build this potential treasure trove of “local” by asking your favourite farms, farmer’s markets and wineries to register.

Spread the word, like you’d spread manure and we’ll all watch Soilmate dot com grow into a fabulous and powerful consumer and farmer resource. That will truly be something to help us savour it all.

Read on for the recipe for the delicious lamb roast pictured above.

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The Middle-terrain-ean lifestyle filled with healthy hobbits – the real secret to long life (Happy April fool’s day)

Hobbits live the must be their Middle-terrain-ean diet

Hobbits live the longest…it must be their Middle-terrain-ean diet

I’ve long thought that I’d like to be a hobbit.

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Alberta @OpenFarmDays is recruiting for province-wide open house on August 23-24, 2014

Here’s a few videos highlighting last year’s host farms.

Chefs, restaurants, caterers and culinary tour operators can design and offer culinary events to celebrate our Alberta farms on Saturday, August 23, 2014. Fees will apply for these events.

Farms willing to host a free admission open house of their farm on August 24 have the opportunity to engage and enlist direct market support of their enterprise through this annual event.

Both culinary event operators and farmers can download the participation form here.

Taking time out to celebrate our amazing Alberta farms and farmers is a great way to savour it all.

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My @AlbertaatNoon food column podcast – #DIYCheeseMaking

Fresh cheeses are truly "alive" with flavour photo - Karen Anderson

Fresh cheeses are truly “alive” with flavour
photo – Karen Anderson

Here’s my CBC Radio One Alberta at Noon podcast about D-I-Y Cheese making. I’m at the 7 minute mark.

What a fun topic. I hope you’ll give the recipes a try.

Turns out this whole D-I-Y cheese business is very tasty business indeed.

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D-I-Y #cheesemaking – two recipes for my @AlbertaatNoon column on CBC Radio One

A few of our wonderful Albertan Cheese Makers

Are Albertans are turning into cheese heads?

Cheese head is an affectionate moniker for people who love cheese. We’ve got a growing cadre of artisanal cheese makers in the province. I’ve profiled the 15 Alberta Cheese Makers I could find, I’ve posted on issues in cheese making, I’ve profiled the Make Cheese company that sells cheese making kits and most recently I’ve posted on White Gold’s encouraging story of growth.

Other Albertans might have a beef about being called a cheese head but I guess I’d qualify. I credit several influential visits to Wisconsin, the world headquarters of cheese heads, including one of my best friends Barb Murphy Moore, for forming the cheese head curd in my brain but I never thought my fondness for the stuff would ever lead me to making cheese myself.

Last summer a visit from one of my chef friends changed all that.

This post will demystify basic fresh cheese making and provide a few recipes that I hope will encourage you to give D-I-Y cheese making a try. Many of us, live pretty far from stores that carry fresh local cheeses, but as you’ll see, if you can access fresh milk, you can make fresh cheese.

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