It’s the simple things – like this Salmon Quiche

salmon quiche recipe
Mom’s Salmon Quiche

I’m home in New Brunswick for a family wedding this weekend. That’s a big deal and there’s lots to celebrate as weddings are the best way for family’s to reunite. Still, as great as that is, it’s not the big things that get me excited about being home. It’s always the simple things.

Like this quiche, for example. It’s simple, it’s real and it’s easy. It’s the kind of recipe that my Mom pulls out of an old cookbook or drawer filled with a hundred other recipes on loose bits of paper. She pulls a homemade pie crust lined pan from the freezer because she can! (You can too – just check out the pie-making lessons with my Mom here and here.) And, then she throws the few ingredients together and pops it in the oven while I make a salad. We sit and have a cup of tea and before we know it, time together has flown and we are eating this lovely lunch.

The recipe follows. I hope you make it and eat it with your Mom. If you are lucky enough to still have her, savour every minute with her. I sure do.

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Garden Greens with an Alberta Vinaigrette – from Food Artisans of Alberta

Murietta's Mountain Grill (we get a private room facing the mountains) goat cheese fritters or charcuterie board and wine tasting
Garden Greens with an Alberta Vinaigrette
from Food Artisans of Alberta: Your Trail Guide to the Best of our Locally Crafted Fare
by Karen Anderson and Matilde Sanchez-Turri

So often in Canada, we use imported ingredients for our daily cooking. This recipe takes a different approach. It uses a classic, imported French technique for a vinaigrette and and highlights some of Alberta’s signature ingredients to make our local – over global – flavours shine.

Now that the greens are flourishing in the garden, it seemed the perfect time to share and celebrate both this recipe AND the fact that Food Artisans of Alberta: Your Trail Guide to the Best of Our Locally Crafted Fare just turned one year old.

It’s been a great year with the book receiving the World Gourmand Cookbook Award for best Culinary/Food Travel writing (Canada). It was also recently short-listed for a Taste Canada award for Best Culinary Narrative.

I hope you’ll dig in your garden or farmers’ market for ingredients, dig into this dish and then dig into our book for more recipes and inspiration to explore Alberta, one food artisan at a time. The recipe follows.

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International Day of Yoga 2019 – Free offerings from Isha Foundation and Sadhguru

International Day of Yoga - Isha Free Offerings

June 21 is the day that spring transitions to summer. If spring is about the rebirth brought on by increased light then summer is about the blossoming of all life. We go from green blades of grass effortlessly cutting through the earth to birds singing for the ecstasy of being alive. Everything is oriented to rebirth and growth, to potential and possibility.

How fitting then, that June 21 is also the International Day of Yoga (IDY) because this day is also about the potential for rebirth and blossoming. Only with yoga, the seed of potential is not carried along on the softness of a fragrant breeze, it lies within all human beings. The fruit of its birth and blossoming can be the realization of our universal oneness.

This post is about the guidance a guru can offer on one’s spiritual path, what that transformation looks like in my own life and Isha Foundation’s offerings to help bring humans to their ultimate potential on IDY 2019.

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Art Installation No. 30 – Summer of 2019 Plein Air Painting Workshops with artist Dean Tatam Reeves


Painting by Dean Tatum Reeves

Sweetgrass Afternoon – by Dean Tatam Reeves

A few years ago, I had the chance to spend a quick 36 hours in Waterton, Alberta. Stay at warp speed in Calgary or wind down in Waterton – even for a short time? The choice was clear. All I wanted was a little fresh air to blow the city from my brain. Little did I know I’d meet a great plein air artist – Dean Tatam Reeves – in my travels.

In this post, I’ll tell you more about the day we met and the workshops he’ll be offering this summer. 

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The Prairie Farm Project – a dinner by Food Artisans of Alberta: Redtail Farms and friends

announcement of a farm to table dinner at Redtail Farms on June 8

Holy collaboration – this makes my heart sing. This is all about three young farming family in South Eastern Alberta doing what they do best and inviting you all out to enjoy a meal and learn more about them and how they raise the food they grow.

Here’s what The Prairie Farm Project is all about:

The Prairie Farm Project is a partnership of Alberta producers dedicated to providing nutritionally dense and ethically raised food to families. Members can sign up on a week-to-week basis — in the summer, receiving weekly shares of vegetables, with options to add on eggs, beef, pork, flowers, honey, and more, and in the winter, receiving monthly shares of pork, beef, and chicken, with the option to add on eggs, honey, root vegetables, and preserves. It’s completely dependent on what’s in season and what’s abundant.

Everything offered is raised or grown in a way that respects the environment and that honours Mother Nature. Unlike other box programs, you’ll have the opportunity to interact with your farmers and ask questions, because The Prairie Farm Project is committed to not just feeding families, but educating people on food production and farming realities. We called it a “project” because there is no model we’re following, and as time goes on, we hope to grow and evolve in a way that best meets our community’s food needs.

Get tickets to their dinner on June 8 at Redtail Farm in Castor, Alberta (bring your tent and camp out) or sign up for their food box subscription program here. Learn more about Redtail farm owners Ian Griebel and Dana Blume, and over 199 other Alberta food producers in the Gourmand World Cookbook award-winning Best Culinary/Food Tourism book  Food Artisans of Alberta.

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How to make an Alberta Salad – a CTV Morning Live Calgary appearance

Alberta Food Tours in Calgary

What a fun way to start the day. Here’s the video from my early morning appearance on CTV Morning Live Calgary with Courtney Ketchen where I got to talk about Alberta Food Tours’ new season and share an easy recipe for a truly Alberta Salad. Why use ingredients that travel from afar when we’ve got incredible produce, organic canola, mustard and honey right here?

The four experiences Alberta Food Tours offers in Calgary are: Craving Kensington, our newly designated Canadian Signature Experience – Inglewood Edibles: Made by Mavericks, Savour 17 Ave SW and Sunday Brunch and a tour of the Calgary Farmers’ Market.

In Banff, there’s Eat the Castle at the Fairmont Banff Springs, in Canmore you can join us for the Canmore Tasting Trail and in Edmonton we have two tours, Downtown Delights and Strathcona Brunch and Bakeries.

Our hashtag is #EatAlbertaFirst because choosing and eating Alberta ingredients first really makes a difference to the food businesses and farmers we love to support. If you haven’t experiences a food tour yet, what are you waiting for? Come on out and eat, engage and explore with my company and the 19 guides we employ. (Pro tip: this is also a great Mother’s and Father’s Day gift!)


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A Collection of Holiday Feasting Recipes – Chapter 7 of 7 – A Taste of World’s Winter Holidays

marigolds and prayer beads - photo credit - Karen Anderson - @savouritall

With my company Alberta Food Tours, Inc. I used to develop a different holiday shopping for food lovers tour every year for about seven years. One year we decided to celebrate Canada’s diversity and enjoy learning about how other cultural groups celebrate the winter season. Here’s a few recipes inspired by the deeply fun deep dive we took that season including some fun recipes for Chinese New Year. Continue reading

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