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Friday night cooking improv – a @cgyfarmersmkt supper with @SpraggsMeat – Apple Brined Pork Chops

Apple Brined Pork Chops - photo - Karen Anderson

Apple Brined Pork Chops – photo – Karen Anderson

It’s been a busy week.

The pickings in the refrigerator got slimmer as the week progressed. There was a small rib-in pork roast bought at the Calgary Farmers’ Market last Sunday that called attention to the time span that had evaporated between then and now. It needed to be eaten before this little piggy could make another trip to market. There were three very petite potatoes, some old Gala apples and some still good looking broad beans. I’d bought a fresh bunch of “living” thyme and its scent inspired this Friday night supper.

Read on for the recipes for Apple-Brined Pork Chops and Potato, Bacon and Apple Hash
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Happy St. Paddy’s and Happy World Happiness Day this Friday – I’ll be speaking @cgyfarmersmarkt to celebrate Food and Happiness – Come on out and say Hi!

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My summer culinary tour to @Innisfail Growers w @cgyfarmersmarkt – a great @TravelAlberta @AlbertaCulinary #stay-cation

It's never too soon to learn where food comes from photo - Karen Anderson

It’s never too soon to learn where food comes from
photo – Karen Anderson

Sunday, August 11, 2013 was the kind of Alberta summer day one dreams about.

We have big sky in Alberta. When our big sky is nothing but blue as far as the eye can see and there is not a breath of wind and I have a farm tour booked for my company Calgary Food Tours Inc. – well, that is a sure sign that all is right in the cosmos and my guests are going to have a day they remember their whole lives. I care for that.

I take it as a sign that Alberta and I are working together to help my guests savour their lives. The big Alberta blue sky serves as the perfect backdrop for some deep emotional bonding between city folk and farm folk over the common thread of caring about our food and where it comes from.

The mission for this farm tour was to take thirty people to five farms in one day.

This blog post will describe the day and I’ll throw in some fun recipes as we tour the farms together here. I hope this post will encourage you to take a country drive and visit these farms yourself sometime or at least take a drive as far as the Calgary Farmer’s Market where you can get their truly local produce year round.

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Savour food – Chef Guided Tours of the Calgary Farmer’s Market

I’m so happy to share this lovely blog about the tours my company Calgary Food Tours Inc is doing at The Calgary Farmer’s Market. I am fortunate to have lots of talented chef friends and two of my favourites, Pierre Lamielle and Judy Wood agreed to work with me and lead the weekend tours. Check out this great video Telus TV made with Judy talking about our goals. You can just see her passion and I hope people will see how much fun it is to go to the market with a great chef.
I hope we have a wonderful year of connecting Calgary and all the visitors to our city with the Taste of Alberta our food growers can offer them.
Alberta Tastes Great.
See you at the Market

Calgary Farmers' Market

Last winter, in an effort to provide a new experience to our guests, we tried our hands at offering tours of the market.  They were a hit and so, Karen Anderson of Calgary Food Tours will be offering a whole new round this year, starting Saturday, May 25th.  If you’re an adventurous person, if you’re new to Calgary or just visiting, if you and your friends are looking for a new way to explore the city and spend time together, or even if you’re looking for a unique gift, then you will love these tours.  The tours of the market are usually limited to 12 to 15 guests so that the atmosphere remains intimate and the chefs can provide an one-on-one experience.

Guests will join either chef Judy Wood, Pierre Lamielle, or a SAIT Culinary Instructor on a guided tour of the backbone of the Calgary Farmer’s Market: its farmers…

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