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I’m a @SlowFoodHQ @slowfoodcanada @slowfoodcalgary snail

Snail spotting - there's more of us all the time. Will you join us? - photo - Karen Anderson

Snail spotting – there’s more of us all the time. Will you join us? – photo – Karen Anderson

Today marks the start of the 10th Slow Food International Terra Madre and Salone del Gusto biennial conference in Turin, Italy.

I’ve been a member of Slow Food International since 2005. I served on the board of our local chapter/convivium for six years. I helped develop a little booklet called The Snail Trail to connect local consumers with local producers of good, clean and fair food and I ran Feast of Fields five times in support of the same objective. I’ve done taste workshops in schools and talks at public libraries. I’ve taken bus loads of people to local farms and raised moola to send farmers and chefs to this amazing conference in Italy.

But wait, you are probably thinking slow food is something that comes out of a crockpot slow cooker… want to know what it really is and why I care so much about it?

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Savour life – Cool thing no. 7 – #RightHereyyc – @Calgary video to show you why I love where I live

Thank you to @TourismCalgary @calgaryeconomic @ctcc_calgary for making this video that so beautifully conveys everything I love about Calgary.

I choose to live here. I love the maverick spirit and generous nature of the people. I love my access to the splendour of the natural world. I can be urban but I wouldn’t survive without the hiking and skiing – my time in nature – that keeps me balanced and calm. I love the open minds of the people I do business with. I love the youth and vitality of the city and our multicultural mosaic. I love raising a family here.

Most of all…don’t be surprised…I love the food here. Here are the multiple people and factors that I give credit to for making Calgary the best place to eat in Canada. Of course, I’d love to hear if you agree or disagree or have things to add of your own. Sharing ideas always helps us savour our lives…#RightHere in #yyc #Calgary.

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