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Confessions of a #fishsnob – This is where I buy my fish – @skipperotto #csf

Since 2010 I’ve purchased a subscription to Skipper Otto’s Community Supported Fishery. This year I signed up again and I can take my share in spot prawns, ling cod, halibut, albacore tuna and many forms and kinds of salmon: candied, canned, smoked, lox, whole or fillets – pink or sockeye.

From one father and son operation Skipper Otto’s has grown their fleet of fishermen and boats committed to sustainable fisheries. Now they want to build their own processing facility to manage costs and support their fisheries while delivering the best quality fish straight to you.

They deliver to across the Prairies weekly in the season and ordering is easy. Memberships start at 100 dollars.

Click here to learn more then sign up now because today is the last day to sign up for this season! Don’t flounder around. This could be the best catch of your life!

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My June @AlbertaatNoon podcast – @skipperotto community supported fishery comes to Alberta weekly for 2014 season

Albacore Tuna is another Ocean Wise ™ offering from Skipper Otto photo -Karen Anderson

Albacore Tuna is another Ocean Wise ™ offering from Skipper Otto
photo -Karen Anderson

I’ve got fish on my brain. That’s a good thing. People who eat fish really are smarter. They have higher IQs and less dementia. Their hearts are healthier.

Here’s my CBC Radio One Alberta at Noon podcast about how you can access sustainable Ocean Wise™ certified fish from Skipper Otto’s Community Supported Fishery if you live in British Columbia, Alberta or Saskatchewan. Skipper Otto is casting his net wide this year and will be expanding weekly fish delivery beyond the usual Vancouver drop to land in Calgary and sometimes Edmonton.

Knowing the fish you eat is sustainable and that you are supporting small scale fisheries is a great way to savour it all.

Check out the recipes here and find more info on Skipper Otto here.

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From a small boat in the Pacific Ocean to land-locked Alberta – how @skipperotto #CSF feeds our appetite for @ocean_wise fish

Smoked salmon are on the menu for Skipper Otto's CSF subscribers photo - Karen Anderson

Smoked salmon are on the menu for Skipper Otto’s CSF subscribers
photo – Karen Anderson

In 2011, I did a year of reporting for CBC Radio One’s Homestretch program as their Calgary-based “food finder”. It was my job to find lesser known but great food stories, places and people. What a fun job.

One of the biggest delights of that year was discovering a company called Skipper Otto’s Community Supported Fishery (CSF). This post will describe what CSFs are and provide the story of Skipper Otto then and now. Like most fishing stories, it’s a pretty tall tale – only in this case, it’s all true.

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Savour food – Fish – Breaking the Commodity Curse

Breaking the Commodity Curse.

Here’s a great article from the Ecology Action Centre (EAC)(action is their middle name) of Nova Scotia. I’m researching our very fishy seafood story here in Canada because I’m talking about Sustainable Seafood this week on CBC Radio One’s Alberta at Noon. Good Lord above, it’s confusing.

I just finished reading the EAC’s report entitled Valueing Our Fisheries – Breaking Nova Scotia’s Commodity Curse (Nikoloyuk & Adler, 2013) and I’m grateful to this group for the gestalt they offer.

Back to it. It’s sink of swim time for this writer. Coming up with recipes is easy; casting a broad net on this ocean of info and hoping to do it justice in six minutes of air time… well, let’s hope I can find a life preserver somewhere on board this boat.


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