community supported fisheries

My June @AlbertaatNoon podcast – @skipperotto community supported fishery comes to Alberta weekly for 2014 season

I’ve got fish on my brain. That’s a good thing. People who eat fish really are smarter. They have higher IQs and less dementia. Their hearts are healthier. Here’s my CBC Radio One Alberta at Noon podcast about how you can access sustainable Ocean Wise™ certified fish from Skipper Otto’s Community Supported Fishery if you […]


From a small boat in the Pacific Ocean to land-locked Alberta – how @skipperotto #CSF feeds our appetite for @ocean_wise fish

In 2011, I did a year of reporting for CBC Radio One’s Homestretch program as their Calgary-based “food finder”. It was my job to find lesser known but great food stories, places and people. What a fun job. One of the biggest delights of that year was discovering a company called Skipper Otto’s Community Supported […]