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A Collection of Holiday Feasting Recipes – Turkey Dinner 101 – Chapter 1 of 7


For the first seven years that I ran my company, Alberta Food Tours, I used to create a day long food tour each November that was all about holiday shopping for food lovers. We did themes like Christmas commandoes, an Italian Christmas, International Festivities, a Country Christmas, a Cowboy Christmas and an Angelic Christmas. I’d plan the whole day with deals for my guests at great locally oriented food and kitchen stores and we’d always have a splashy lunch to fortify our efforts.

At the end of the tour, everyone got a copy of a collection of Holiday Feasting recipes that I had gathered according to each theme. I added a chapter every year. It’s important to note that, while many of the recipes are my own or my family’s, many more are from favourite cooks and magazines. I’ve strived to give proper credit here.

Many of my neighbours were on those early tours and they still cook from that recipe collection. Now, the next generation, my friend’s grown children, are also asking for their own copies of these fun tried and true treasures. I had a look at the recipes, gave them an overhaul and thought it’d be fun to share them with you too. Here on Savour It All™ blog, the recipes will find a permanent home and since the holidays – and life in general – are all about sharing, this seems the perfect solution. Continue reading

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Savour food – farmers I know – just in time for Thanksgiving – Winter’s Turkeys and how I cook mine

Corrine Dahm and Darrel Winter photo - Karen Anderson

Corrine Dahm and Darrel Winter
photo – Karen Anderson

I’ve known Darrel Winter and his wife Corrine Dahm since about 2005 when I started doing volunteer work for Slow Food Calgary. I met a lot of Alberta farmers in the six years I worked actively on the board of that organization. Winter and Dahm stood out. Anyone who meets them appreciates the honest and earnest way they conduct themselves and how that translates to the animal husbandry practices of their turkey farm.

In 2007 I first visited their farm and started calling it “the turkey spa”. Beyond a wholesome farm smell, the air is crisp and clean. There is fresh straw bedding laid daily for the turkeys. They have access to the great outdoors, food and water at all times. They are calm. Their life is calm. The only thing missing is a bit of Bach playing softly in the background.

Winter’s father converted the farm from chickens to turkeys in 1958 and Winter still feeds the turkeys the same program his father devised. We’ll talk a bit about that here, share some photos and I’ll share my favourite way to cook a turkey.

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