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Savour food – Trends for 2013

www.cbc.ca/video/watch/AudioMobile/Alberta at Noon/ID=2324468463

Yesterday on CBC Radio One’s Alberta at Noon I presented Food Trends 2013 –  a brief summary of what food we’ll all be savouring in our lives in 2013 based on what’s currently trending globally to closer to home – locally.  The podcast above is the Cole’s notes version. I start at around the 17:30 mark in the show and have six minutes of precious air time. This blog will be a more comprehensive version.

I like patterns and I like to watch them morph over time. Long term observation makes it easy to spot changes. Changes make for good stories. Here are changes I’ve seen or am predicting. It’ll be fun to see what stories flow from them. I’ll start globally and work locally; that’s a continuing trend. Continue reading

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