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#ArtInstallation No.23 – Frank Gehry’s @FondationLV – The Louis Vuitton Foundation #Paris

Fondation Louis Vuitton - Paris - Savour it All blog by Karen Joy Anderson

Fondation Louis Vuitton – photo credit – Karen Anderson

I’ve got several friends heading to Paris this spring. I won’t make it myself this year but in helping my friends plan their trips, I’ve arrived at my top three recommendations of things to do in Paris.

  1. Enjoy a private art, history and walking tour with Paris Personalized. I’ve done their tour of The Louvre three times and loved it and learned more each time.
  2. Take a cooking class and neighbourhood food tour with my friends Aurelie and Marion at  Succulent Paris. You’ll get to experience a day in the life of real Parisians.
  3. Book with Fat Tire Tours. Their day long bicycle trip to Versailles – with shopping at an organic market and picnicking on the grounds of Versailles – is a wonderful way to explore more.

Otherwise, just get a metro pass and a museum pass and wander. There’s no better city in the world to just walk the streets and get lost for a while. I’m continuously discovering old museums I was unaware of and two years ago I visited the (then) brand spanking new  – Fondation Luis Vuitton (FLV).

Dedicated to the history of art, the museum itself also an art installation. The latest work of Canadian-born architect Frank Gehry it appears as a tall ship sailing through Bois de Boulogne park. I hope you’ll include it in your next visit to Paris. Because I’m such a fan of Gehry’s, the rest of this post is just a collection of photos from my visit.  Continue reading

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Springtime in #Paris – Paris avec famille

Chestnut blossoms photo - Karen Anderson

Chestnut blossoms – photo credit – Karen Anderson

This week I’m remembering all the wonderful trips I’ve had to Paris.

I’m thinking about chestnut trees laden with miniature pink and white trees of blooms and a milder, more gentle climate. I’m thinking of the softness of the city of lights viewed from a Bateau Mouche chugging along the Seine versus the excitement of watching the spectacle of the nightly laser light show of the Eiffel Tower. I’m remembering long strolls along pretty avenues lined with buildings the colours of softly melting butter. I’m reaching out for the freedom of stopping to sip an early morning coffee or late afternoon wine in a cafe and for days when that was all I had to do. I’m remembering trips with friends, my husband, my older sister and my son. All were quite splendid.

I’m not going to make it to Paris this spring so I thought it would be fun to relive some of the adventures I’ve had there – here on these pages – with you.

Sharing my passion for Paris with you is almost as good as being there myself. So here’s another installation from some of the work I’ve published on this topic. This is an article about a wonderful family trip that was published in The Calgary Herald a few years ago. I wrote it with the hope that other families might find some of the tips fun and useful. Many people have been kind enough to say it was. That’s always a very good day in a writer’s life.

Here we go…

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