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My @Albertaatnoon food column on #cocktails – just in time for #CanadaDay – Have a great one!

Cocktail Culture - photo - Karen Anderson

Cocktail Culture – photo – Karen Anderson

Here’s my CBC Radio One Alberta at Noon Food Column podcast on Alberta’s cocktail renaissance. Find my piece with host Donna McElligott at the 15:30 mark in the show.
Thanks going out to Christina Mah and Katie Mayer of Hotel Arts Group for inventing the #GnomeComeHome cocktail for our listeners to try. It’s truly delicious. Cheers till next time. Karen

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The #Cocktail Renaissance – my June Column for @AlbertaatNoon

The origins of the cocktail are believed to have evolved after King William of Orange lowered taxes on distillation in 1688. There was a grain surplus that year in England and before long one in four buildings in London had a still for making gin.

Alcohol at the time was about the safest thing to drink as most of the leading causes of death were caused by drinking water.

By the 1730’s gin had become a problem for many – especially for the poor. For others it was drank in moderation with the addition of fruit juices and known as punch. This mixing of punch bowls in 1730’s England is now believed to be the first mixology bar tending.

This post will look at the history of cocktails and why – after years of focus on wine knowledge and a growing trend for craft brewing – popular culture has turned into a cocktail culture once again.

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