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Barking up the right tree – Three wise gifts – #easyrecipes for a #DIYChristmas

Christmas bark - three easy food gifts to make for the holidays - Karen Anderson - Savour it all blog

Easy to make food gifts for the holidays – photo credit – Karen Anderson

This post delivers three easy – mostly no bake – chocolate-y treats you can give or enjoy for the holidays. There’s a luscious Dark Chocolate Bark, Oreo Candy Cane White Chocolate Bark and my new favourite – Pretzel Toffee Crack. Chocolate is such a great ingredient.
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Chocolate recipes for Valentine’s Day (and my February @AlbertaatNoon column on @CBCradio One)

done cherry

Chocolate is a great ingredient. You can eat it on its own and savour every morsel or you can add it to your baking for a loving touch everyone will appreciate.

For my Alberta at Noon Column this month I talked about bean to bar chocolate-made-from-scratch and a company called Choklat. Their’s is the kind of chocolate I eat straight up oe in the over 1000 kinds of truffles they make on site or melted in the cascading bliss of a chocolate fountain fondue for two. I want to savour every last gram of this expensive but exquisite chocolate.

This post will highlight a few recipes that do not call for such expensive and distinct chocolate. Single estate chocolate would be wasted in baking that calls for the alchemy of many ingredients combining to create something new and fabulous as a whole. I hope you’ll read on and see what treats I have in store for you.

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