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Touring empowerment projects in #India – Does it make a difference?

Karen Anderson with happy cycle rickshaws in Madurai, India - @savouritall blog

Everyone feels great when they get paid a fair amount for a job well done. This is a photo of me and some cycle rickshaw workers that I just paid 500 rupees for 3 hours work. It was fair, not over compensatory. Just look at how happy they are! – photo credit – Charles of TravelXS

I take people to India every year on cuisine and culture tours.

I love Indian food.

I admire many aspects of Indian culture.

But, my favourite thing about India is – and always will be – her people, all of her people.

That’s why I seek out a chance each year to spend some time with Indians who’ve joined empowerment projects. These are people who are changing the welfare of their families and India forever. I’m going to share some of their very hopeful stories here. Continue reading


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