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Art installation #2 – seeing the #yycflood through the eyes of Kate Sara Bennie and a really good gift for @nenshi

"Summer 2013- Flood; Consume" acrylic on canvas by Kate Sara Bennie from the artist's website - used with permission

“Summer 2013- Flood; Consume”
acrylic on canvas by Kate Sara Bennie
from the artist’s website – used with permission

My friend Kate Sara Bennie works at the Tea Trader shop in the Inglewood neighbourhood of Calgary. She’s an artist. She works enough to pay her rent and feed herself but otherwise protects her time to paint and to just be still. Being still lets daydreams and flashes of places distill within in her – which of course, often leads to more painting.

In this installation I’ll talk a bit about Bennie and the story behind the painting above.

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