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Savour Food Savour Life – @calgaryfoodtour is Calgary’s newest beekeeper with a lot of help from @YYCbees

Calgary Food Tours keeps bees - we're in it for the honey and for our community

Calgary Food Tours keeps bees – we’re in it for the honey and for our community

One of my ways of being is to savour my food and savour my life. I can’t do one without the other. I try to balance my love of both.

I love honey and bees symbolize for me the universal connection between food and life. The fact that bees are not doing well and that beekeepers everywhere are losing them in great numbers is a harbinger for me. I don’t like what the loss of bees heralds. I don’t like the disruption in nature’s delicate balance that it means.

I’m a believer in the art of contributing to life in small ways with the faith that my actions, however small, will make a big difference if enough of us would only do those small things. When it comes to savouring food and contributing to a healthy food system for my home in Alberta, Canada I decided that getting involved with beekeeping might be a small way that I can make a difference where the fate of bees is concerned. This blog is about me, my company Calgary Food Tours Inc. and the bees we are nurturing for our community, our food, and our life.

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Savour food – Honey – or how Valentine’s just got a whole lot sweeter

Where are the honey bees

It’s almost Valentine’s Day and I love my honey and I love honey. This year I decided to bake my honey a honey-baked treat. And that got me thinking more and more about honey and where it comes from and what I really know about it anyway? I decided to do some research on it for my Alberta at Noon Food Column for CBC Radio One and so now I know considerably more and have lots of bee facts and figures buzzing around my head. But back to my love of honey. Continue reading

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