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Art installation #3 – @U2 > Ordinary Love

I appreciate music.

Like art and beauty, taste in music, is totally personal and subjective.

It doesn’t matter what type of music I like or that you like. No matter what it is; the fact that we like it is enough to have a positive impact on our brains and our lives.

This post was inspired by U2’s new song Ordinary Love because in watching the video and listening to the lyrics, I got to thinking about how music affects our lives and our ability to savour it all.

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Savour Life – by savouring art

My friend Michael Interisano is one of the most accomplished photographers I know.
His work will shown this month at Essentia 1113 Kensington Rd NW in Calgary.  You can meet him at the reception November 8.
You may be amazed when you see some of his work, just how many places you may have seen it before (covers of telephone books, ad campaigns, travel alberta brochures).  He spends a lot of time hiking, exploring and looking at the world with his unique vision.  He loves nature and uses no gimmicks or tricks.
Nature doesn’t need them
So take a little time and drop in to savour the photos that our his life and his work.
I’ll bet you’ll be inspired to go out and savour a little time in nature yourself and isn’t that the ultimate form of savouring life?

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