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An #Easter lamb recipe for my @AlbertaatNoon column – April

Voila - Chutney Stuffed Alberta Lamb for Easter photo - Karen Anderson

Voila – Chutney Stuffed Alberta Lamb for Easter
photo – Karen Anderson

Half the lamb we eat in Alberta is imported but, the superior taste of our local product means demand for it is on the rise. Lamb producers in the province are responding with a strategy to increase yields by 40% over the next 6 years. A recent Edmonton Journal article chronicled what life on Tangled Ridge lamb farm is like this time of year.

Taste Alberta: Local food movement fuels growing support for Tangle Ridge Ranch (with recipes and video).

Here’s a link to my visit to Ewe-nique lamb farm and a whole menu of delicious things to make for Easter, spring and beyond.

These are just two farms out of hundreds that need our support if we are to have a strong and secure local system filled with our dream farms. Supporting and finding the farms of our dreams and cravings – our Soil Mates – was the main focus of my Alberta at Noon column today. I hope you’ll help build this potential treasure trove of “local” by asking your favourite farms, farmer’s markets and wineries to register.

Spread the word, like you’d spread manure and we’ll all watch Soilmate dot com grow into a fabulous and powerful consumer and farmer resource. That will truly be something to help us savour it all.

Read on for the recipe for the delicious lamb roast pictured above.

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