1. Karen Anderson

      Hi Michele – thanks for your interest in the greenhouse at the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel. There wasn’t an actual article about the greenhouse but as I am a tour guide there, I can fill you in. You see, the hotel is also a culinary institute. They have 20 to 30 chef apprentices there at any one time. One of the key jobs of the apprentices is to learn how to make sourdough each day. Then, once a week they sell it at the Town of Banff’s farmers’ market. With the money they make there they decided they wanted to learn to grow food. They saved up and bought a greenhouse. Each summer they plant tomatoes, lettuces and herbs. It’s a valuable learning for these young chefs. Banff’s climate is so harsh they can’t grow anything much without a greenhouse AND being in a National Park they can’t grow outside as it would be against the law to habituate any wild animals to these foods that aren’t part of the local habitat. I hope that answers your questions. Please come on the tour sometime. When covid restrictions ease you can buy a ticket at albertafoodtours.ca – with kindness, Karen

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