Rose Edgar’s Spiced Rhubarb Punch

Rose Edgar's Spiced Rhubarb Punch - straight on photo

This pretty pink drink has a hint of cloves to keep it interesting. Depending on what you add to make it fizzy, you’ll control how sweet it becomes. I like plain soda water in mine.



  1. Boil the rhubarb, cloves and water until the rhubarb is soft – 15 to 20 minutes.
  2. Strain the liquid and add the sugar or honey to taste.
  3. Use the liquid as a base for punches or individual drinks by adding club soda, ginger-ale or lemonade.



Tip: Make this Spiced Rhubarb Punch into a Spiked Rhubarb Punch by adding on ounce of your favourite local gin or vodka and a few bourbon cherries and a sprig of mint to the glass as garnish.

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